Naval History Magazine - June 2014 Volume 28, Number 3

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The Allies’ ability to quickly build up forces on the beaches of Normandy would make or break the invasion of France.

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Lost to Enemy Action
U.S. naval officers recount the sinking of their vessels during the invasion of Normandy.
From 'Futuristic Whimsy' to Naval Reality
The Israeli navy’s development of missile boats in the 1960s was an exceptional demonstration of national will—...
Saving Nimitz's 'Graybook'
The massive, previously classified collection of ‘Command Summary’ documents is the Holy Grail of World War II...
The Impossible Salvage
Recovering the S-51 would require divers to risk their lives on a daring mission, the likes of which the Navy had...
Forgotten Paladin of the Old Navy
From the burning of the Philadelphia to the Constitution-Guerriere battle to pioneering work in...
Book Reviews

The Shining Sea: David Porter and the Epic Voyage of the U.S.S. Essex during the War of 1812

George C. Daughan. New York: Basic...

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Normandy's Crucial Component
The Allies’ ability to quickly build up forces on the beaches of Normandy would make or break the invasion of France...
'The Navy Saved Our Hides'
With U.S. soldiers pinned down on Omaha Beach, American destroyers steamed in close to shore, opened fire on German...
'Victory Has Perched on Our Banners'
A century and a half ago, the Union sloop Kearsarge and Rebel raider Alabama faced off in the Civil War...

Norman C. Delaney was named the Naval History 2011 Author of the Year for a pair of articles about Kearsarge...

On Our Scope

About two weeks after D-Day, U.S. Navy Captain Harry “Savvy” Sanders, commander of Destroyer Squadron 18, recapped his experiences on...

Looking Back - The Caine Mutiny

The special affection I hold for this classic story goes back 60 years—to...

In Contact

The U.S. La Guardia de la Costa—Not Navy

Captain Earle L. Sullivan, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)

I greatly enjoyed...

Armaments and Innovations - The Navy’s Ramjet Missile

The Aegis integrated weapons system currently on board more than 70 U.S. Navy...

Naval History News

Olympia to Keep Floating in Philadelphia

The next phase in the USS Olympia’s life has been decided: She will stay...

Historic Aircraft - The Little Birds

Probably the world’s best-known helicopter is the Bell H-13—flown by...

Historic Fleets - ‘The Handsomest Vessel of Her Rate’

Thirty-four days out of Newport, Rhode Island, on 1 November 1803, the brig-of-...

Museum Report - Commemorating the D-Day Landings

Success on D-Day would not have been possible without the Allied naval...

Pieces of the Past

When Royal Navy Admiral John “Jackie” Fisher saw his brainchild, HMS Dreadnought, slide down the ways at her launch on 10...


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