Naval History Magazine - October 2013 Volume 27, Number 5

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While U.S. naval forces won ‘signal’ victories on Lakes Erie and Champlain, the Navy’s inability to achieve mastery of Lake Ontario has long—and...


  • The War's Most Challenging Theater
    By Charles E. Brodine Jr.
    After hopes for a quick conquest of Canada evaporated in 1812, U.S. leaders realized that control of the northern lakes was a prerequisite to victory over Great Britain.

    Several important geographical...

  • More Important Than Perry's Victory
    By David Curtis Skaggs
    Heroics at the Battle of Lake Erie generated lasting fame, but Macdonough’s triumph on Lake Champlain did more to change the course of the War of 1812.

    What a task! To argue that Master Commandant...

  • Daring Moves on the Niagara
    By Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Armstrong, U.S. Navy
    During the War of 1812, operations that present-day naval analysts would call ‘maritime irregular warfare’ were an important part of the conflict on the Great Lakes.

    Conventional study of the...

  • Charting a Course toward Rescue
    By Lieutenant Colonel Tom C. McKenney, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
    In September 1945, an American task group navigated a minefield of uncertainties to liberate POWs being held in Japanese camps on Formosa.

    In late August 1945, the end of World War II was in sight, but it...

  • Billy Mitchell Takes on the Navy
    By Thomas Wildenberg
    America’s most controversial World War I airman returned home intent on creating a unified air service.

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  • Contributors

    Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Armstrong, U.S. Navy, is a naval aviator currently serving in the Pentagon. He is a research student in War Studies with King’s College, London, and the editor of the recent Naval Institute...

  • On Our Scope

    Finding inspiration to work on Naval History is always easy. And sometimes outside events conspire to add extra enjoyment to the production of an issue of the magazine. That’s the case with our second annual War of 1812...

  • Looking Back - One from the Bucket List
    By Paul Stillwell

    Several years ago, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson starred in a delightfully entertaining movie called The Bucket List, whose premise was that each man had a list of...

  • In Contact

    Gone but not Forgotten

    Charles H. Dunlap, U.S. Navy (Retired)

  • Armaments and Innovations - The Navy Toys With Telegraphy
    By Commander Tyrone G. Martin, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    In 1793 France began building a revolutionary line-of-sight telegraph communications system—one that would employ visual signals, placed on a line of stations positioned...

  • Naval History News

    Captain James E. Wise Jr., 1930–2013

    Prolific Naval Institute Press author Captain James E. Wise Jr. (U.S. Navy, Retired), passed away in July. He was 82.

    A longtime friend of the Institute and a popular, well-known figure...

  • Historic Aircraft - The Pioneering Pioneer
    By Norman Polmar

    The Navy has led the use of unmanned aircraft—drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—among the U.S. military services. In the World War I era, the service...

  • The Cautious Commodore?
    By Charles E. Brodine Jr.
    While U.S. naval forces won ‘signal’ victories on Lakes Erie and Champlain, the Navy’s inability to achieve mastery of Lake Ontario has long—and incorrectly—been attributed to Commodore Isaac...
  • Risk vs. Reward Off the Italian Riviera
    By Vincent P. O'Hara
    During the last eight months of World War II, Flank Force, a multinational Allied naval unit, waged a frustrating campaign that often pitted its warships against small, unconventional Axis craft.

    In late...

  • Historic Fleets - ‘The Happiest Ship I Ever Served In’
    By Robert J. Cressman

    With more than 800 souls on board, including a nephew of an emperor, the U.S. ship-of-the-line Delaware, one of the most powerful ships afloat, set sail from Hampton Roads...

  • Book Reviews

    At Belleau Wood with Rifle and Sketchpad: Memoir of a United States Marine in World War I

    Louis C. Linn; Laura Jane Linn Wright, and B. J. Omanson, Eds. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2012. 189 pp. Illus. Notes. Biblio...

  • Museum Report - Admiral Peary’s Dream Home
    By Thomas B. Allen

    Among the hundreds of small rocky islands that rise out of Maine’s Casco Bay is Eagle Island. As you sail toward it, a solitary house amid the fir trees seems to breast the...

  • Pieces of the Past

    On 16 November 1815, a four-man committee came aboard the frigate Java, laid up for repairs in New York Harbor, to present her commanding officer, Lieutenant Thomas Holdup, with an honorary sword in recognition of his gallantry during the Battle...


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