Naval History Magazine - February 2013 Volume 27, Number 1

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Cover Story
During the Russian Civil War, Rear Admiral Newton A. McCully did his best to alleviate the suffering of refugees fleeing the advancing Red Army. His efforts are described in...


  • Fighting Far from Home
    By Colonel Jon T. Hoffman, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Retired)
    For the Marines Corps the future seemed destined almost from the moment of its birth, and over time it became the model for what an expeditionary force should be.

    Warfare has long been categorized into types,...

  • The Royal Navy's Pacific Strike Force
    By David Hobbs
    After more than five exhausting years of global conflict, the British Commonwealth organized a powerful modern fleet that fought as equal partners with the U.S. Navy in the late stages of the Pacific war.


  • The Navy's Deep-Ocean Grab
    By Lee J. Mathers and Lieutenant Commander Beauford E. Myers, U.S. Navy (Retired)
    In a mission that was classified top secret for decades, the U.S. Navy partnered with U.S. intelligence agencies and oceanographers to recover spy-satellite film from the bottom of the Pacific.

    On 15 June...

  • Top Sub Shop
    By Rodney K. Watterson
    The shipyard in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, turned out boats at a torrid pace, setting the gold standard for submarine construction during World War II.

    On 27 January 1944, the Portsmouth Navy Yard achieved...

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  • On Our Scope

    Over the past decade, on battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. Marine Corps has enhanced its reputation as an elite fighting force. But as the U.S. military role in that region winds down, the Corps’ main focus is shifting from...

  • Looking Back - The Last Great American Liner
    By Paul Stillwell

    One of the benefits of having a long memory is that various stimuli can evoke pleasant recollections from ages past. I had that experience recently during a browsing visit to the local Barnes & Noble. I saw a book that demanded, “Take...

  • In Contact

    Shedding Light on Panay Incident

    Commander David H. Grover, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)

  • Naval History News

    HMS Bounty Replica Falls Victim to Hurricane Sandy

    She had a long career in motion pictures and was still enjoying an active life at sea, but the 180-foot replica of the sailing ship HMS Bounty came to a tragic end when...

  • Historic Aircraft - Stars of David and Red Stars
    By Norman Polmar

    The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps flew only two foreign planes in significant numbers during the Cold War—the British-developed Harrier attack aircraft and the Israeli-developed Kfir fighter. The Kfir was acquired during the Reagan...

  • Historic Fleets - ‘The Most Beautiful of All the Ships of Her Class’
    By Robert J. Cressman

    Sunday, 14 April 1861. The U.S. Navy’s engineer-in- chief, 38-year old Benjamin Franklin Isherwood, arrived at Portsmouth, Virginia, as talk of secession hung over the Tidewater region. First seeking Robert Danby, the Gosport Navy Yard...

  • Contributors

    Sidney E. Dean is editor of Hampton Roads International Security Quarterly ( He also writes on U.S. defense policy, military...

  • Black Sea Humanitarian Mission
    By Robert Shenk
    During the Russian Civil War, Rear Admiral Newton A. McCully did his best to alleviate the suffering of refugees fleeing the advancing Red Army. His efforts are described in the following excerpt from the new Naval Insitute...
  • New Navy, New Power
    By Sidney E. Dean
    Armed with global ambitions and support from presidents both Democrat and Republican, U.S. naval reformers of the 1880s and ’90s transformed America’s moribund sea force.

    The Spanish-American...

  • Book Reviews

    The Admirals: Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King—The Five-Star Admirals Who Won the War at Sea

    Walter R. Borneman, New York: Little, Brown, 2012. 559 pp. Illus. Maps. Notes. Bibliog. $29.99.

    Reviewed by Alan...

  • Museum Report - Sunny Resort City’s Naval Destination
    By William Galvani

    One of the unexpected pleasures of a visit to the Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta is the Museo Histórico Naval, or naval museum. Few tourist books or maps mention it, but the white, two-story building occupies a beautiful central location...


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