Naval History Magazine - August 2011 Volume 25, Number 4

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During a Pacific war patrol in which she inflicted only ‘meager damage,’ the submarine Cod nevertheless suffered her only loss of World War II.



  • Beep, Beep, BOOM!
    By Captain Amedeo H. Galvani, U.S. Navy (Retired), with Captain William Galvani, U.S. Navy (Retired)
    From his battle station high in the Mark 37 gun director, the author had a ringside seat to his destroyer’s night attack on a Japanese convoy.

    My most exciting night of World War II took place during the...

  • The Alabama's "Bold and Determined Man"
    By Norman C. Delaney
    Serving under an alias in a renowned and notorious commerce raider, Michael Maher became one of the CSS Alabama’s most courageous and entertaining sailors.

  • Weird & Wacky—The Lighter Side of Lifesaving
    By Robert M. Browning Jr.
    In its turn-of-the-century heyday, the U.S. Life-Saving Service—a Coast Guard forerunner—was flooded with unusual ideas for rescuing shipwrecked mariners.

  • On Our Scope

    Granting a reader’s wish is always rewarding. And in this issue, Bob Dowd, a New York policeman who retired to Greenville, South Carolina, gets his fulfilled. Several months ago, I got a call from Mr. Dowd during which he criticized the...

  • Flight Line
    By Hill Goodspeed, Historian, National Naval Aviation Museum

    The Defining War

    From the Naval Institute Photo Archive. During 2011 these and other photographs tracing the history of U.S. naval flight can be viewed at

  • Catastrophe Averted!
    By Nicholas J. Mirales
    When a quick-thinking sailor kept a tragedy at sea off Korea from exploding into a full-blown disaster, his actions typified the shipboard heroics that too often go unsung in the pages of history.

  • Keeping Floating Museums Afloat
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
    A retired sailor takes a hard look at retired ships—their allure, their importance, and the challenges they pose to those who preserve them.

  • Contributors

    Dr. Robert M. Browning Jr. is the chief historian for the U.S. Coast Guard and the author of four books and nearly 50 articles relating to the Coast Guard and U.S. naval and maritime history. He currently is finishing a...

Subscriber Only Content

  • Fire in the Torpedo Room
    By J. T. McDaniel
    During a Pacific war patrol in which she inflicted only ‘meager damage,’ the submarine Cod nevertheless suffered her only loss of World War II.

  • Man of War
    By Alan Rems
    After inventing weapons for foreign powers, Robert Fulton built the world’s first steam warship for America, a vessel that might have transformed naval warfare if fate had allowed.

    The outpouring of public...

  • Naval History Digital Edition

    A digital edition of the August issue of Naval History is available for current USNI members to view. The...

  • Looking Back
    By Paul Stillwell

    Surrounded by a Sea of Books

  • In Contact

    The Confederacy’s Cotton Policy

    Keith Castelluccio

  • Naval History News

    Original Black Sheep Meet New Generation

    Marine Attack Squadron 214 at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona, welcomed three of its founding members, along with the son of its legendary commander, to the station on 14 April for...

  • Historic Fleets
    By Robert J. Cressman

    Farragut’s Forgotten Flagship

  • Historic Aircraft
    By Norman Polmar

    The Yellow Peril

    When discussing historic aircraft, one usually mentions fighters, bombers, and even cargo planes. But in some accounts training aircraft are equally or even more important. One such trainer—the Navy N3N “...

  • Book Reviews

    Recollections of Lifeon the Prison Ship Jersey

    Thomas Dring; edited by David Swain. Yardley, PA: Westholme Publishing, 2010. 126 pp. Maps. Illus. Intro. Notes. Appen. $24.95.

    Reviewed by Tim McGrath...

  • Museum Report
    By John Flink

    Help Great Lakes Celebrate Its Centenary


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