Naval History Magazine - October 2010 Volume 24, Number 5


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    Lieutenant Colonel Steven Eden, U.S. Army (Retired), graduated from the U.S. Military Academy and served more than 25 years as an armor officer in the Army, along the way earning his master’s degree in history at the...

  • On Our Scope

    In the early 1920s, majestically powerful battleships ruled the oceans. But change was coming—in the form odd-looking flush-deck floating airstrips with nicknames like "Flatiron" and "Covered Wagon."


  • Forging the Weapon
    By Barrett Tillman
    From modest beginnings during the World War I era, aircraft carriers evolved into powerful ships that would dominate the Pacific war.

    The aircraft carrier reached her launch point off the enemy coast...

  • Aided by Perception and Luck
    By Norman Friedman
    In the 1920s, the U.S. Navy leaped forward in naval aviation by learning how to vastly increase the number of planes its carriers could put aloft.

    It is often said that we make our own luck. Less often...

  • The Carrier Comes of Age
    By Barrett Tillman
    After playing a key role in the United States entry into World War II, aircraft carriers made possible America’s drive across the Pacific to Japan.

    On 7 December 1941, aircraft carriers stunned the...

  • The Carrier War Remembered
    Compiled by Barrett Tillman

  • Commodore Barney at the Bladensburg Races
    By Lieutenant Colonel Steven Eden, U.S. Army (Retired)
    In the darkest hour of the War of 1812, Joshua Barney and his Chesapeake flotillamen valiantly attempted to forestall British forces descending on Washington; it marked a gallant comeback for the erstwhile naval hero....
  • Second Salvo at Surigao Strait
    By Admiral James L. Holloway III, U.S. Navy (Retired)
    More than six decades after the largest naval battle in history, the U.S. destroyer Bennion now can claim her rightful credit in the sinking of a Japanese battleship.

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    A digital edition of the October issue of Naval History is available for current USNI members to view....

  • Looking Back
    By Paul Stillwell

    The Durable Lexington

    When searching for longevity in aircraft carrier performance, one need look no further than the former USS Lexington, now a museum in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas. Her active service lasted so long that...

  • In Contact

    Walker, Scorpion Unconnected

    Norman Polmar

  • Naval History News

    Buried Ship Discovered at 9/11 Site

    Age of Sail, meet the Age of al Qaeda. Excavation crews at the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan unearthed the remains of an 18th-century ship on 13 July. It was a pleasantly surprising...

  • Historic Fleets
    By Robert J. Cressman

    A Stylish Veteran of Two Wars

  • Operation Chromite Target: INCHON
    By Edward J. Marolda
    Epic in scale, audacious in concept, the Inchon invasion dramatically altered the course of the Korean War—and validated anew the importance of being able to project sea power ashore.

  • Surprise Strike for Israeli Independence
    By J. Wandres
    During Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, a 26-year-old former U.S. Navy lieutenant coordinated a daring sea attack to disrupt Egypt’s siege of Gaza City, a feat described in the following excerpt from the new...
  • Historic Aircraft
    By Norman Polmar

    The Last Picture Plane

    The RF-8 Crusader—often called the Photo Crusader—was the U.S. Navy’s last specialized photo plane in a lineage that extended to at least World War II. Probably the first dedicated photo plane...

  • Book Reviews

    Islands of the Damned: A Marine at War in the Pacific

    R. V. Burgin. New York: NAL Caliber, 2010. 296 pp. Maps. Illus. $24.95.

    Reviewed by Robert K. Krick

    Praise for Eugene B. Sledge’s...

  • Museum Report
    By Commander Theodore J. Panayotoff, U.S. Navy Reserve (Retired)

    Lighthouse History and Traditions

    On the waterfront of Rockland, Maine, an extensive collection of lighthouse-related artifacts was opened to the public in June 2005. Founded by the late Chief Warrant Officer Ken Black, U.S. Coast...


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