Naval History Magazine - December 2009 Volume 23, Number 6

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  • On Our Scope
    Richard G. Latture, Editor-in-Chief

    Nearing a publishing deadline is always a hectic time for editors. That's especially true when the Naval History issue we're working on includes a bonus gatefold package. And as you probably know by now, this is one of those stress-...

  • More Than Just Blockade Duty
    By Robert M. Browning Jr.
    The Union Navy's West Gulf Blockading Squadron did more than merely maintain "a vigorous blockade at every point." In helping subdue Confederate forts, close down Rebel ports, and secure the Mississippi River, the...
  • 'Go Ahead, Go Ahead'
    By Robert M. Browning Jr.
    With the Battle of Mobile Bay's outcome hanging in the balance as his squadron's ships quickly piled up before Confederate Fort Morgan's blazing guns, Rear Admiral David Glasgow Farragut coolly took a gamble that earned the Union...
  • How the Japanese Did It
    By Robert J. Hanyok
    Most studies of the Pearl Harbor attack focus on what American commanders and leaders did wrong. But the key to understanding why the surprise assault was so successful lies in realizing what the Japanese did right.
  • Cornered at the Bottom of the East China Sea
    By Robert Schultz and James Shell
    On her tenth war patrol, the USS Tambor survived one of the worst depth-charge attacks experienced by an American submarine during World War II. In one of the most complete accountings of such an event, her crew provided a...

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  • Naval History Digital Edition

    A digital edition of the December...

  • Looking Back
    By Paul Stillwell

    A Survivor's Tale

    Some people are particularly gifted at describing the lives they have experienced. One man who had that narrative ability in large measure was Richard Harralson, who joined the Navy as an apprentice seaman in 1937 and...

  • In Contact

    'Book Review: Battle of Surigao Strait'

    (See T. Bean, p. 68, October 2009 Naval History)

    Paul M. Hupf

    The reviewer notes that author...

  • Historic Aircraft
    By Norman Polmar

    The First to Go Up and Down

    The Hawker Siddeley Kestrel was not a naval aircraft. But the British airplane had a profound impact on U.S. naval aviation: It was the progenitor of the widely flown Harrier-series vertical/short takeoff and...

  • Historic Fleets
    By Robert J. Cressman

    Cool Courage Under Hot Fire

    Clearly, a fight lay ahead in late July 1864, and Commander J. R. Madison Mullany keenly desired to take part in it. Commanding the sidewheeler Bienville, one of the West Gulf Blockading Squadron's ships,...

  • Confluence of Careers Mobile Bay
    By Craig L. Symonds
    David Glasgow Farragut and Franklin Buchanan each served for decades in the small antebellum U.S. Navy. But their naval careers largely took different courses until finally converging in battle on 5 August 1864.

    The Battle...

  • Who Will Hear the Bells?
    By Jack Sweetman
    A German Navy chaplain's letter s home highlight his efforts to bolster the spiritual, emotional, and patriotic sentiments of his shipmates in the weeks, days, and hours before two of World War I's most significant early naval...
  • Growing Up with the Pearl Harbor Story
    By Jim Adams
    Years after he accompanied his father, a Pearl Harbor veteran, back to the scene of the 7 December 1941 attack, the author fulfilled the final solemn wishes of deceased USS Arizona survivors by interring their remains in the sunken...
  • Naval History News

    Found: The Alexander Hamilton

  • Book Reviews

    The Age of the Ship of the Line: The British and French Navies, 1650-1815

    Jonathan R. Dull. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2009. 250 pp. Maps. Notes. Index. $29.95.

    Sir Samuel Hood and the Battle of the...

  • Museum Report
    By Robert S. Bolia

    The World's Oldest Battleship


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