Naval History Magazine - April 2009 Volume 23, Number 2

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  • Looking Back
    By Paul Stillwell

    Bucher and the Pueblo

    A new presidential administration has just taken office. And, as was the case when a different administration arrived 40 years ago, the political and military leaders inherited wars in progress. Back then...

  • Historic Aircraft
    By Norman Polmar Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet

    The First Jet Fighter. . . . Sorta

    Three new fighter aircraft entered Navy squadrons as the Pacific war was reaching its violent conclusion: Grumman's twin-engine F7F Tigercat and "lightweight" F8F Bearcat, and the Ryan...

  • A Find of Piratical Significance
    By Eric Mills
  • Collector's Guide to Pirate Movie DVDs
    By Eric Mills
  • Book Reviews

    George Washington's Secret Navy: How the American Revolution Went to Sea

    James L. Nelson. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008. 330 pp. Illus. Notes. Bib. Index. $26.95.

    Reviewed by Frederick C. Leiner

  • On Our Scope
    Richard G. Latture, Editor-in-Chief


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  • In Contact
  • Naval History News

    Squalus' Last Survivor Dies

    Carl Bryson always prided himself as a youth in being able to swim underwater on a single breath across the Saluda River in his native South Carolina. That kind of endurance was to serve him well in...

  • Historic Fleets
    By Robert J. Cressman

    Beef Boat Extraordinaire

    Logistics. If Napoleon declared that an army travels on its stomach, how much less could a navy keep the sea if its sailors did not eat? Soldiers could forage, sailors could not.

  • Perry Triumphant
    By David Curtis Skaggs
  • The Marines' Most Bizarre Hero?
    By Lieutenant Colonel Merrill L. Bartlett, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
    Louis Cukela earned the Medal of Honor—as well as a chestfull of other awards for heroism—on World War I's Western Front. But the ethnic-Serbian Leatherneck is best remembered for his unconventional and humorous...
  • Twilight of the High Seas Fleet
    By John Prados
    The German Imperial Navy's main surface force is chiefly remembered for its 1916 Jutland duel with Britain's Grand Fleet. Often overlooked are the High Seas Fleet's activities, successes, and frustrations during the rest of World...
  • The Pearl Harbor Warning that Never Was
    By Robert J. Hanyok
    Conspiracy theorists have long contended U.S. leaders withheld from Pearl Harbor commanders a key warning that war with Japan was imminent. In fact, however, the preattack message was a figment of the chief Navy code-breaker's...
  • Cat-and-Mouse in the Mediterranean
    By Menno Steketee
    A Dutch journalist with rare access to Cold War submarine veterans in the Netherlands tells a tale of high-stakes subsurface spying on Soviet warships during the early 1980s.
  • South from Tjilatjap
    By Lion G. Miles
    In death as in life the little gunboat Asheville remained anonymous, but her sinking marked the end of the oldest U.S. Navy fleet.
  • Museum Report
    By Robert T. McLaren

    A Walking Tour Through the USS Cod (SS-224)

    Want to see what life was really like in a World War II submarine? Then take a trip to the Lake Erie waterfront in Cleveland, Ohio, to the USS Cod (SS-224) Memorial. Secured...

  • Naval History Digital Edition

    A digital edition of the April issue of Naval History is available for current USNI members to view. The magazine image below is...


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