Naval History Magazine - December 2008 Volume 22, Number 6

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Four Ships Named Sterett

Just as the sun was setting on a balmy August Saturday evening in Baltimore, Sailors at the stern of the guided-missile destroyer Sterett (DDG-104)...


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Naval History's readers continually fill our mailbox with superb unsolicited articles. Nevertheless, I occasionally must...

A Bloody Proving Ground
The first step in the American advance across the Central Pacific, Operation Galvanic would pit the Marine Corps' untried...
Across the Reef: The Assault on Betio
Despite abysmal conditions and mistakes in execution, the 2d Marine Division wrested control of Tarawa Atoll's key island in 76...
An Enduring Legacy
The costly triumph at Tarawa validated the doctrine of amphibious warfare while reinforcing the Marine Corps' reputation for...
'What War Was Like'

A Marine combat cameraman for the Academy Award-winning documentary, With the Marines at Tarawa, takes us back 65 years, across Red Beach...

A Dozen Navy Classics
Want to experience U.S. Navy history? The following 12 books will take you from the humdrum but comical life on board the USS...

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Looking Back

Four Ships Named Sterett

Just as the sun was setting on a balmy August Saturday evening in Baltimore, Sailors at the stern of the guided-...

In Contact

"Out-Sputniking' the Soviets"

(See C. LaVO, pp. 48-51,...

Historic Aircraft

The Last of the Floatplanes

While it's dangerous to cite an aircraft as being the "first" or "last," one is safe in...

'Nowhere to go but Down'
The world turns upside down in an eyewitness account by a 22-year-old seaman first class on board the USS Utah during the...
A Naval Militiaman's Battleship Adventure
In 1916, the author, then a member of the Florida Naval Militia, got a chance to experience the real Navy during a summer cruise on...
Historic Fleets

A Fine Little Vessel

Industrialist John N. Willys' yacht Isabel was on the ways at Bath (Maine) Iron Works when she attracted the Navy's...

Naval History News

Navy D-Day Monument Dedicated

After more than 64 years and a half million dollars, on 27 September the U.S. Navy finally dedicated a...

Book Reviews

The Lions of Iwo Jima: The Story of Combat Team 28 and the Bloodiest Battle in Marine Corps History

Major General Fred Haynes,...

Museum Report

A Super Battleship's Hometown Museum

The city of Kure, with a population approaching 250,000, has a beautiful natural harbor on Japan's...


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