Naval History Magazine - August 2008 Volume 22, Number 4

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1968—From a Distance

As we look back 40 years, books and documentaries tell us that 1968 was one of the most divisive years in the United States in the 20th century....



  • On Our Scope
    Richard G. Latture, Editor-in-Chief


    In this issue of Naval History we're commemorating the anniversaries of two significant events in U.S. Navy history—the first a voyage that made world headlines 50 years ago, and the second a battle 65 years ago that'...

  • Historic Aircraft
    By Norman Polmar Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
    Flying Whales Part 1: Over the Sea

    Edward "Ed" Heinemann must be recognized as history's outstanding designer of carrier-based aircraft. After participating in or directing the design of several notable...

  • A British View of the Naval War of 1812
    By Jeremy Black
    When considering the War of 1812, many Americans focus on the U.S. Navy's stirring victories over the Royal Navy in frigate duels. The British, however, emerged from the conflict with total command of the oceans and broad...
  • 'Halsey Knows the Straight Story'
    By Alan P. Rems
    According to the official version, Marine Major General Charles Barrett accidently fell to his death after meetings at Vice Admiral "Bull" Halsey's headquarters to discuss the upcoming invasion of Bougainville. Two...

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  • Looking Back
    By Paul Stillwell
    1968—From a Distance

    As we look back 40 years, books and documentaries tell us that 1968 was one of the most divisive years in the United States in the 20th century. Anniversaries of events keep popping up to remind...

  • In Contact

    'The Atlantic Campaign'

    (See pp. 12-36, June 2008 Naval History)

    Rear Admiral Norman C. Venzke, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)

  • Naval History News

    Found After 66 Years

  • Historic Fleets
    By Robert J. Cressman
    Fixer and Fighter

    "Service to other vessels," the USS Medusa's commanding officer asserted in 1939, "is the only justification for [this ship's] existence." History validates the assertion...

  • 'Perfect in Every Respect'
    By Captain Stephen F. Davis Jr., U.S. Navy

    Throughout 1942 the U.S. Navy had taken heavy hits from the Japanese, but by mid-1943 fortunes began to change. The Battle of Vella Gulf would be the first Pacific encounter on American terms.

  • To the 1920 Olympics by Cruiser
    By Robert Shenk
    A Naval Academy wrestler's diary paints a vivid and light-hearted picture of the VII Olympiad of modern times.
  • 'Out-Sputniking' the Soviets
    By Carl LaVO
    Fifty years ago, the U.S. Navy one-upped the Soviet Union after the launch of Sputnik 1—the first artificial satellite in history—by doing the "impossible": sending the submarine USS Nautilus...
  • Commissary
    By Chuck Veit
    When Union Sailors, Soldiers, and Marines converged on tiny Pitch Landing, North Carolina, in late 1864 they helped strike a blow against the hungry and cold Confederate Army of Northern Virginia then manning Petersburg trenches....
  • Alliance-The Last Continental Navy Frigate
    By Louis Arthur Norton
    Three captains—one a scoundrel and two heroes—commanded the last commissioned warship in the Continental Navy, a frigate named in honor of the Franco-American coalition of the Revolutionary War.

    An unnamed 36-...

  • Book Reviews

    Midway: Dauntless Victory-Fresh Perspectives on America's Seminal Naval Victory of World War II

    Peter C. Smith. Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK: Pen and Sword Books, Ltd., 2007. 378 pp. Illus. Appens. Index. $60.


  • Museum Report
    By Robert McLaren
    Where All the Residents Were Called Captain

    Just a short ride from the ferry on the north shore of Staten Island, New York, along the Kill Van Kull, lies the Snug Harbor Cultural Center—a collection of museums and...


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