Naval History Magazine - April 1987 Volume 1 Number 1

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2014 Naval History Essay Contest Winner

Transformational leadership...


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Aircraft Carriers - An American Viewpoint

In effectiveness there must be little to choose between the airplane carrier Lexington, which has just broken speed records on a run from...

Diminishing Returns in the CVA

The shifting imperatives of strategic employment should never detract from the basic mission of any military force - the destruction of the enemy...

Large Carriers: A Matter of Time

In his article, "The 600-Ship Navy," in the U. S. Naval Institute's Maritime Strategy Supplement, Secretary of the Navy John Lehman...

Carriers Sail On

Debates about the future of the carrier battle group seem to be inevitable. Success in obtaining approval for Nimitz (CVN-68)-class...

Carrier Air and Vietnam … an Assessment

Almost three years have elapsed since the first U. S. air-craft was catapulted from an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin. Since that first...

Voyage of the NC-3

Through either foresight or accident, the Navy treated the May 1919 transatlantic flight of Seaplane Division One as more of a...

PBY Odyssey

Like Odysseus, who after the Trojan War wandered far before reaching home, Connie Edwards found that reenacting the epic NC-4 Transatlantic...

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‘A Perfect American Victory’

2014 Naval History Essay Contest Winner


Proceedings Digital Edition

A digital edition of the May issue of Proceedings is available for...

Proceedings Digital Edition

A digital edition of the May issue of Proceedings is available for...


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