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Navy Divers Recover Oil from German Shipwreck

U.S. Navy divers from Mobile Diving Salvage Unit 1 on board...


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  • On Our Scope
    By Richard Latture, Editor-in-Chief

    Naval History contributors range from professional historians to veterans to history buffs. But, for the magazine’s staff, the most appreciated authors are those who actively serve in the U.S. Sea Services. Given their...

  • Action between USS Borie (DD-215) and German submarine U-405 by Hunter Wood.
    The Borie's Duel to the Death
    By Howard R. Simkin

    On an overcast Halloween night, the USS Borie fought one of the Battle of the Atlantic’s most dramatic one-on-one brawls, only for her crew then to struggle in 40-foot seas keep their ship afloat.

  • Trident II D-5 SLBM breaking the surface during a test of the Florida coast.
    People Create High Velocity Outcomes
    By Commander Joel Holwitt, U.S. Navy

    The ballistic-missile development programs of the 1950s proved that processes are only as good as the people who manage them.

  • Islamic Seapower during  the Age of Fighting Sail Cover
    Book Reviews

    Islamic Seapower during the Age of Fighting Sail

    Philip MacDougall. Woodbridge, Suffolk,...

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  • Aerial stern view of the wreck of the World War II German cruiser Prinz Eugen.
    Naval History News

    Navy Divers Recover Oil from German Shipwreck

    U.S. Navy divers from Mobile Diving Salvage Unit 1 on board the USNS Salvor (T-ARS-52)...

  • Vice Admiral Leighton W. Smith Jr., USN (covered)
    As I Recall — 'The Defining Moment in My Life'
    By Admiral Leighton W. Smith Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Admiral Smith spent part of his youth on a farm in Alabama. While a freshman at the University of Alabama, he decided to apply for the U.S. Naval Academy. He learned he had received an appointment from his uncle,...

  • In Contact

    Decatur and the Prisoners

    William J. Prom

    Frederick Leiner’s “Killing the Prisoners” from the December issue (pp. 26–31) provides a stark look at an often overly romanticized event in early...

  • HMS Invincible as drawn after being brought into the Royal Navy.
    Armaments & Innovations—The 74—the Perfect Age-of-Sail Ship
    By Philip K. Allan

    In the spring of 1747, France sent a convoy of 30 merchantmen to bring reinforcements and supplies to its beleaguered troops in North America. The War of the Austrian Succession was not going well for France, and its possessions in Canada were...

  • Profile and overhead diagram showing pre-1949 U.S. Navy ship compartments.
    Bluejacket's Manual—'Navigating' within a Pre-1949 Ship
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    In the December 2018 “Bluejacket’s Manual,” we explored finding one’s way...

  • S-1 scouting seaplane being assembled on the after deck of USS S-1 (SS-105)
    Historic Aircraft—A Floatplane on a . . . What? (Part II)
    By Norman Polmar, Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet

    During World War I, several navies gave consideration to operating scouting aircraft from submarines. The aircraft could extend the search area of the low-lying submarine, which was vital for seeking out merchant ship targets as well as possible...

  • Dutch Attack on the Medway, June 1667 by Pieter Cornelisz van Soest.
    The 'Deepest Insult . . . since the Norman Invasion'
    By Lieutenant Carlos R. Rosende, U.S. Navy

    In 1665, cutthroat maritime competition between England and the Dutch Republic erupted into a naval war that climaxed with a devastating raid on the Royal Navy’s Chatham Dockyard.

  • Aerial view of U.S. Navy ships of the Third Fleet steaming toward Tokyo Bay.
    FDR & His Mighty Navy
    By Michael D. Hull

    Taking office during the depths of the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt put shipyards back to work and built the world’s most powerful sea service.

    When the words “Roosevelt” and “U...

  • Brig USS Perry confronting American slave ship Martha off Ambriz.
    Slavery and the U.S. Navy's Africa Squadron
    By Andrew C. A. Jampoler

    The unusual mission off West Africa freed slaves, conducted ground reconnaissance, and saw Anglo-American cooperation.

  • Commander John Rodgers and his crew waving from the PN-9 No. 1
    Ten Days Lost At Sea: The First Flight (and Voyage) to Hawaii
    By Jason Ryan

    Threatened by thirst, hunger, and sharks, the PN-9 No.1’s courageous commander led his crew to shore and safety.

    They should have been in Hawaii.

  • Oil painting on canvas showing USS Supply by W. R. May
    Historic Ships—The Camel-Carrying Supply Ship
    By J. M. Caiella

    Warships, by their nature, define naval history. But myriad other ships help constitute the world’s navies, and they, too, have their own stories. Consider a supply ship with an uninspired name: the USS Supply.

  • Acts of Valor—Lewis C. Shepard, USN
    By Kevin Knodell and Kelly Swann

    Acts of Valor -- Lewis C. Shepard page 1


  • USS Constellation and the training ship Brasil moored in Baltimore's Inner Harbo
    Museum Report—USS Constellation at Historic Ships in Baltimore
    By Jonathan L. Hoppe

    The first thing a visitor may notice after stepping on board the sloop-of-war USS Constellation is the smell. The air belowdecks is heavy with the aroma of fresh pitch and hewn fir and ipe wood, because much of her is...

  • Pocket Signal Disk, U.S. Service Issue
    Pieces of the Past
    By Eric Mills

    When I was in the Boy Scouts more than a few years ago, you had to learn either semaphore or Morse code as a requirement for advancing in rank to First Class. Boy, this scout could have used this handy device back then. Behold, from the...


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