Patch worn by the Project Azorian team, with Howard Hughes' Summa Corporation serving as the cover-story provider.

On Our Scope

August 2024
A half-century ago, in August 1974, an unusual vessel was on an unusual—and secretive—project in the vast emptiness of the Pacific Ocean.
First Lieutenant Christian F. Schilt and his gunner, who did not fly during the Quilali flights, pose with their aircraft at Ocotal.

Little-Known Hero

By J. M. Caiella
August 2024
Fifteen years before the Vought F4U Corsair cemented its name in history over the Pacific Ocean in World War II, the original Corsair earned its own significant place in the ...
Admiral Evans and President Theodore Roosevelt on board Roosevelt’s yacht, the Mayflower. On Evans’ death in 1912, Roosevelt proclaimed the Navy had never had a man “who more thoroughly and joyously welcomed a fight.”

Fighting Bob Evans

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)
August 2024
“Even the American Navy, fertile though it has been in gallant fighting men, has never had any man who more thoroughly and joyously welcomed a fight.”
Portrait Inset: Orlando Lagman, Thomas Truxtun, Naval History And Heritage Command

Pieces of the Past

August 2024
Two hundred twenty-five years ago, Captain Thomas Truxtun of the 36-gun U.S. frigate Constellation patrolled the Caribbean to defend the new nation’s maritime commerce against an unlikely adversary—France.
USS Eaton (DDE-510)

Covert Rescues at the Bay of Pigs

By Taira Payne
August 2024
William T. Smoot, an officer on board the escort destroyer USS Eaton (DDE-510), watched firsthand the covert support provided to the Cuban rebels during the abortive attempt to invade Fidel ...