Highlights from Naval History
31 Knots Painting by Arthur Beaumont

“An Almost Perfect Surface Action”

By Coltin Chao
December 2023
Eighty years ago, Captain Arleigh Burke led Destroyer Squadron 23 to a resounding victory at the Battle of Cape St. George, signaling the finale of the hard-fought Solomon Islands campaign.
USS John L. Sullivan (YAG-37)

The YAG-37 Project

By Eric Pearson
December 2023
The YAG-37 project was one of many innovative roles that Liberty ships played in assisting the Navy in developing different forms of seaborne propulsion and minesweeping capabilities.
Marines on the beach at Tarawa Atoll's Betio Island duck for cover as their dive-bombers roar in overhead to blast Japanese positions, November 1943.

On Our Scope

December 2023
The U.S. victory at Tarawa came at a shocking cost, indeed—as many Marine casualties in just 76 hellish hours as in six months of the Guadalcanal campaign.
The Hoga battles fires on the battleship Nevada (BB-36) while lashed to the big ship’s bow. She still bears a dent in her hull, allegedly as a result of this event.

The Littlest Hero

By J. M. Caiella
December 2023
Up the Arkansas River is the home of a U.S. Navy icon, one of only two surviving ships from the 7 December 1941 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

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