Highlights from Naval History
Plan of the brig Oneida showing profile of starboard side

‘A Perfect Slug’

By J. M. Caiella
December 2019
Despite being a "dull sailor," the U.S. Navy brig Oneida saw more combat against the British than any other U.S. warship during the War of 1812
William Forbes-Sempill shows Japanese Admiral Heihachiro Togo the interior of a British-built Sparrowhawk fighter in 1921.

On Our Scope

By Richard G. Latture, Editor-in-Chief
December 2019
A naval adage all too often overlooked by historians is that to fight you must stay afloat, well illustrated in this issue's theme of damage control and naval aviation.
Ground-to-ground left front view of an EA-6B Prowler with crew standing outside

Electronic Warfare Par Excellence

By Norman Polmar, Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
December 2019
The Grumman EA-6B Prowler—one of the world’s most effective electronic warfare aircraft—was in the forefront of combat and crises for almost 50 years.
32nd annual Admiral Nimitz Foundation and National Museum of the Pacific War symposium

Naval History News

December 2019
‘Command and Control’ at a WWII Symposium, the anniversary of the Battle of Coronel, Midway Museum gets a replica TBD Devastator, and conserving artifacts from Vietnam.

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