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On Our Scope

February 2015
The U.S. sea services emerged from World War II as history’s most powerful naval force. But the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard also changed in other, often overlooked ways during ...
Robert L. Allen


February 2015
Robert L. Allen is adjunct professor (emeritus) of African-American studies and ethnic studies at the University of California, Berkeley. His books include The Port Chicago Mutiny: The Story of the ...
Robert J. Baumert

In Contact

February 2015
The ‘Perfect Enemy’William R. WalshIn regards to James M. Scott’s worthwhile article on the Pacific submarine campaign (“America’s Undersea War on Shipping,” December, pp. 18–26), Japan was, indeed ...

Naval History News

February 2015
Hunter and Prey from Battle of the Atlantic DiscoveredApproximately 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina, researchers led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office of National ...
U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive

Historic Aircraft - The Hall Contribution

By Norman Polmar, Author, Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet
February 2015
During the 1920s and 1930s scores of aircraft firms around the world developed flying boats for both military and commercial roles. One that was successful, but not produced in large ...
Aftermath of the Port Chicago Disaster

From Disaster to Desegregation

By Robert L. Allen
February 2015
The Port Chicago mutiny trial, born from an explosive tragedy on 17 July 1944 , put the Navy front and center in a growing civil-rights debate in America.
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Memories of Montford Point

Interview with Sergeant Major Edgar R. Huff, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
February 2015
After graduating from recruit training with the 51st Composite Defense Battalion, Huff joined its 155-mm gun battery as gun commander. As he explains in this edited excerpt from his 1972 ...
Library of Congress

The Pinchpenny Flotilla

By William S. Dudley
February 2015
At critical periods in the national defense of the United States, when the resources available for the armed forces are in desperately short supply, difficult decisions must be made as ...
Naval History and Heritage Command

Remembering the Maine in Key West

By Robert E. Cray
February 2015
The explosion of the battleship Maine on the evening of 15 February 1898 lit up Havana Harbor. Captain Charles D. Sigsbee, writing in his cabin, heard what he thought was ...
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Ghost Team of Island X

By David Sears
February 2015
In a prelude to the real contest against the Japanese on Iwo Jima, the 4th Marine Division fielded an all-star football squad that routed its interservice rivals.

Book Reviews

February 2015
Evans Carlson, Marine Raider: The Man Who Commanded America’s First Special ForcesDuane Schultz. Yardley, PA: Westholme Publishing, 2014. 256 pp. Biblio. Index. Maps. Notes. $26.Reviewed by Colonel Dick ...
Richard Latture

Pieces of the Past

February 2015
Collect ’em, trade ’em with your friends—but don’t try to float them in your bathtub, they’re too valuable for that. This boxed set of 14 U.S. Navy ship miniatures (at ...