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On Our Scope

December 2014
The partnership between the U.S. Naval Institute and U.S. Naval Academy stretches back to 1873. That’s when a group of naval officers at the Academy founded the Institute, whose offices ...


December 2014
Hill Goodspeed has worked at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, where he now serves as historian and artifact-collection manager, since 1994. A recipient of the 2014 Admiral ...
Naval History and Heritage Command

In Contact

December 2014
In ‘Hot Pursuit’ of the PuebloCaptain Stephen P. O’Brien, U.S. Navy (Retired)In regards to “The Pueblo Scapegoat” (October, pp. 50–57), in 1968 most communist countries claimed a 12-mile ...
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Naval History News

December 2014
Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, 1938–2014The U.S. Naval Institute lost a longtime friend on 28 September with the passing of Colonel Joseph “Joe” Hammond Alexander, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired). A combat ...
USS Silversides Museum

America's Undersea War on Shipping

By James M. Scott
December 2014
Lieutenant Commander John S. Coye, skipper of the USS Silversides (SS-236), stared through his binoculars at the enemy convoy just past midnight on 29 December 1943. Rainsqualls peppered the night ...
National Archives

Profiles in Leadership

By Carl LaVO
December 2014
Determining the Navy’s top submarine patrol captains of World War II can be a simple matter if your list is confined to those who sank the most enemy tonnage, destroyed ...
National Archives

Scratch Three Subs

By Lieutenant Richard H. Walker
December 2014
By most any measure, Richard Walker had a remarkable World War II career. Graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy on 19 June 1942 in the accelerated class of 1943, he ...
U.S. Marine Corps Art Collection

The Cruise of the Wasp

By David Curtis Skaggs
December 2014
When one thinks of famous American warships and their captains in the War of 1812, one recalls the frigate Constitution and Isaac Hull, the frigate United States and Stephen Decatur ...
U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive

One Hundred Years at Pensacola

By Hill Goodspeed
December 2014
In the 1500s, the waters of Florida’s Pensacola Bay drew Spanish explorers aiming to claim land in the name of their country. More than 300 years later, Union Navy ships ...
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Neptune's Band of Brothers

By Thomas Wildenberg
December 2014
During the mid-1930s, the bulk of the U.S. Fleet, which was divided into the Battle Force, the Scouting Force, and Train, was stationed at various ports on the West Coast ...
U.S. Naval Academy Archives

A 'Talent for Buffoonery'

By Jamie Malanowski
December 2014
A prodigy of behind-the-lines warfare, Cushing fought with distinction at the Battle of Fort Fisher and led numerous audacious raids into Confederate-held territory, where he sank ships, freed slaves, and ...

Book Reviews

December 2014
Assault from the Sky: U.S. Marine Corps Helicopter Operations in VietnamDick Camp. Havertown, PA: Casemate Publishers, 2013. 264 pp. Illus. $32.95.Reviewed by Colonel Glen ButlerAs the name ...
U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive

Pieces of the Past

December 2014
This watch fob commemorates the U.S. Naval Academy’s 12-4 victory over the U.S. Military Academy in the 1892 Army-Navy Game, a hard-fought contest played before a no-doubt disappointed home-field crowd ...