Raids Target Western England

By Noel B. Poirier
August 2003
John Paul Jones, the Marquis de Lafayette, and Benjamin Franklin, along with several French ministers, plan an invasion of Englands west coast.

'Not a Cruise Ship at All'

An interview with John Deely, Captain, Freedom Schooner <i>Amistad</i>
August 2003
The skipper of the Amistad, a re-creation of the ship overtaken by Africans destined to be slaves in 1839, discusses the mission of the ship today.

On Our Scope

By Fred L. Schultz, Editor-in-Chief
August 2003
Sometimes we are at a loss to describe the essence of the U.S. Naval Institute—the parent organization of Naval History —and the importance of the discourse found in its magazines, ...

In Contact

August 2003
" Exhuming the Constellation " (See D. Wegner, pp. 24-30, June 2003 Naval History ) " Constellation : Oldest Warship " (See G. Footner, pp. 39-41, October 2002; E. Aho, ...