Remembering the Forgotten War

By Colonel Joseph Alexander, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
April 2000
Historians, veterans, and government officials gather at a McCormick Tribune Foundation/U.S. Naval Institute conference for a 50th anniversary debate over the causes, operations, and ramifications of the Korean War.

'Just a Longer Day at the Office'

An interview with Don Walsh
April 2000
The co-record-holder for the deepest dive ever executed—nearly seven miles—talks about his historic achievement, the competition between sea exploration and the space program, and the salvage of historic ships.
U.S. Coast Guard

China A New Maritime Partner?

By Lyle J. Goldstein?
April 2000
China's maritime development is gathering steam. It is challenging South Korea and Japan for dominance of the global shipbuilding market. More than 1,700 ships carry the five-star red flag, giving ...