Publisher’s Page

By Jim Barber
April 1991
If you did a double take when you saw that this issue is labeled spring rather than winter, fear not; we have not abolished one entire season of the year ...

Vagabond Able

By Paul R. McKenna, USCG (Retired)
April 1991
Crewmen of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Courier (WAGR-410) in the early 1960s not only had Voice of America messages to broadcast

In Contact

April 1991
“Battleship Floatplanes” (See J. Elliott, pp. 37-40, Winter 1990; W, Broocke, p. 13, Spring 1990; R. Seamon, pp. 2-4, Fall 1990 Naval History) Douglas Ratchford—While researching a book on ...

Oral History—China Station

By Chief Warrant Officer Cecil S. King, Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired)
April 1991
I was on the USS Chaumont (AP-5)— the slow boat to China—from May through July 1940. In those days, there were only two transports in the whole Navy—the Chaumont and ...

In Profile—Tom Freeman

By James P. Delgado
April 1991
It is the morning of 7 December 1941. Amidst the screaming of men, the crackling of flames, and the muffled thumps of explosions, the men of the battleship USS Arizona ...

Book Reviews

Reviewed by William H. Flayhart III, C. S. Fuqua, Captain John Coote, Royal Navy (Retired), & Captain T. C. Pullen, Royal Canadian Navy (Retired)
April 1991
To California By Sea: A Maritime History of the California Gold James P. Delgado, Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1989. 237 pp. Photos. Bib. Ind. $24.95 ($22.45). Reviewed ...

In Progress

April 1991
U.S. NAVAL INSTITUTE Proceedings/Naval Review: For generations, schoolchildren around the nation and throughout the world have been taught that Admiral Robert E. Peary “discovered” the North Pole in 1909. But ...

Nautilus’s Permanent Home

By Margaret M. Rantz
April 1991
The inside of a nuclear submarine used to be something few civilians could hope to see. It might as well have been part of the world of Jules Verne’s classic ...

Henry Fonda and the U.S. Navy

By Captain Alexander G. Monroe, U.S. Naval Reserve
April 1991
When New York Times drama critic Brooks Atkinson reviewed the opening of Mr. Roberts in 1948, he said, among other things, that Henry Fonda had “captured the play’s inner meaning ...