Publisher’s Page

By Jim Barber
July 1988
In this era of high-tech naval warfare—missiles, computers, and smart weapons—it is interesting to read about some of the weapons used earlier in this century. In one of our oral ...

In Contact

July 1988
“Black Jack Reeves” (See Oral History, pp. 49-52, Winter 1988 Naval History) Edward B. Doremus, USS Wasp Stinger Club Historian—I was on board the Wasp (CV-7) for ...

The Strange Fame of Thomas Stone

By Captain Sam Meyer, Supply Corps, U. S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
July 1988
Consider: one auxiliary vessel disabled by a torpedo on 7 November 1942, out of a total surface armada of 500 warships and 350 transports and cargo ships. This armada was ...

Oral History—The Coast Guard vs. Smugglers, 1920s Style

By Admiral Alfred C. Richmond, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired) & Admiral Edwin J. Roland, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
July 1988
In mid-1925, the rum-running business was not the organized operation it later became. It was a hit or miss thing. Newfoundland schooners would bring Canadian liquor to a stretch just ...

Book Reviews

By Lieutenant Commander Michael N. Pocalyko, U. S. Navy, Captain Kenneth J. Hagan. U. S. Naval Reserve (Retired), A. D. Baker III
July 1988
The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Short Bibliography By Lieutenant Commander Michael N. Pocalyko, U. S. Navy The Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962is not only one of the most important ...

In Profile—Ned Beach

By Eric McAllister Smith
July 1988
Captain Edward L. “Ned” Beach at age 70 is still brawny, barrel-chested, and as trim-waisted as an ensign, or at least a lieutenant commander. His hair is white now, but ...

In Progress

July 1988
U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTE Naval History/Proceedings: It was the dream of a lifetime. Twenty-five years after he took command of the USCGC Eagle (WIX-327), the Old Man regarded her ten ...

Navy Surgeon in Samoa

By Captain Alexander G. Monroe, U.S. Naval Reserve
July 1988
For many years, the U. S. Navy provided the government of American Samoa. A Navy captain acted as governor, assisted by a chaplain serving as superintendent of schools and the ...

Intrepid Sea-Air- Space Museum

By Commander Thomas B. Grassey, U. S. Naval Reserve
July 1988
Even in New York’s great harbor, her greyness catches the eye. And if one did not already know her identity, the aircraft on the Eight deck and the “11” on ...