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Day-in and day-out, since 1873, the Naval Institute has fostered challenging debate and delivered what is hands-down the world’s most vigorous independent forum on defense and security issues. We advance the naval profession. We preserve the United States’ naval history. We increase understanding of American naval power.

With the support of members and donors, the Naval Institute intends to extend its reach even further, deepen its connection to history, and bring this history newly alive for current and future generations. While unrestricted giving allows the Institute the greatest flexibility to use philanthropic dollars where they are needed most, the following restricted projects provide donors with giving options where they can specify exactly what they would like their donations to support.

Sponsor Student Memberships for Our Future Leaders

Donors have the opportunity to bring the benefits of Naval Institute membership directly to the next generation of naval officers and help them advance as leaders of their profession. Tax-deductible gifts can be made to underwrite student memberships for young midshipmen and cadets now enrolled in the U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and NROTC programs across the country. Sponsoring student memberships at the Naval War College, Naval Postgraduate School, and even division officer schools is also possible. This is a particularly effective way to honor one’s alma mater or naval training and boost future officers . . . while also strengthening the Sea Services and supporting the Institute. Professors of Naval Science, other NROTC instructors, Company Officers, and teachers associated with sponsored schools are also included in this program.

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Proceedings Magazine and The Proceedings Trust

For those who care deeply about the Naval Institute's historic Open Forum, gifts to support Proceedings directly underwrite the magazine's present needs.  Donors to The Proceedings Trust will provide substantial direct philanthropic support to the ongoing needs of the magazine and to the strategic actions that are planned for its continued success.  For information on supporting The Proceedings Trust, contact Kirk McAlexander at (410) 295-1056 or at [email protected].


In 2012 the Naval Institute launched USNI News, an independent news and analysis service focused on maritime and national security issues written by knowledgeable journalists and analysts who not only understand the densely interconnected world of navies and maritime commerce, but who also can explain it clearly to the public.  USNI News has quickly emerged as a leading source for breaking news.

Digital Asset Management & Infrastructure Software

The Naval Institute has digitized more than 140 years of Proceedings and Naval History magazines, hundreds of thousands of historic photographs, and thousands of audio recordings that underpin the entire oral history collection.  Now, the Institute needs the technology with which to create consistent, cohesive, and relevant experiences through all of its customer-facing channels.  In addition, in order to serve members and customers more responsively, the Institute must upgrade its outdated business software system to integrate publishing, marketing, sales, and communication activities.

Essay Contests

Since 1879, Naval Institute essay contests have delivered daring, innovative, and stimulating thought.  With gifts, the Institute will expand the scope of its essay contests to address critical components of naval warfare and issues specfic to each service. Other essay contests will address topics such as striking the right balance between innovation and risk and strategic issues like payloads over platforms.

Naval History Magazine and The Fund for Naval History

Naval History is the only publication whose core mission is to tell the story of the three Sea Services. In doing so, the magazine relies on penetrating analyses by leading historians, gripping battle and eyewitness accounts, and engaging photos, artwork, maps, timelines, and other graphics.  Gifts to support Naval History directly underwrite the magazine's present needs.  Donors to The Fund for Naval History will provide substantial direct philanthropic support to the ongoing needs of the magazine and to the strategic actions that are planned for its continued success.  For information on supporting The Fund for Naval History, contact Kirk McAlexander at (410) 295-1056 or at [email protected].

Photo Archive Preservation & Dissemination

The Naval Institute’s photo archive consists of more than 450,000 prints, slides, and negatives dating back to the Civil War—the largest private collection of naval images in the world. Though maintained in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled archive, these precious original prints are deteriorating before our eyes—curling up, turning yellow, fading away. Gifts will allow the Institute to digitize the most important photographs in its vast archive and ensure that they are preserved in effective, comprehensive, searchable fashion and available to historians, documentary film-makers, veterans and their families, and the public.

Reinvigorating the Oral History Program

Since its inception in 1969, the Naval Institute’s Oral History Program has been unrivaled in its body of in-depth personal narratives of crucial naval events, as experienced by the great naval leaders of the past century. Oral histories excel in providing rich detail often lost in official histories. In-depth interviews create an intimate, personal narrative of naval events and personalities that can otherwise seem remote and unapproachable. Gifts will underwrite oral history expenses such as the labor-intensive costs of interviewing, transcription, editing, indexing, and binding. This includes digitizing the vast archive of audio-tapes that underpin the collection and making the entire collection available as eBooks or in some other user-friendly published form.

Conferences and Events

Naval Institute conferences bring together preeminent military and civilian leaders, historians and policy-makers to discuss the challenges to the naval services, and to the Nation, at this critical moment in our history. Conference sponsorships provide the opportunity for sponsors to position themselves as generous and ongoing supporters for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. It also illustrates that the sponsor intends to play a constructive role in timely debate by fostering informed discussion of important naval issues. The Naval Institute also hosts an annual Honor’s Night and other member events around the country, giving sponsors other avenues to demonstrate their support for the Sea Services. Underwriting conferences and events provides the sponsor with recognition opportunities in print and online as well as on-site.



Donor Stories

  • A Mother’s Support of her Marine...

    Now, more than ever, there is a critical place for an organization such as the Naval Institute that encourages debate on all sides of an issue.  I decided to further support [my son’s] career choice in one of the few ways available to me—by making a gift to the Institute. ...

    Ruth Ann Raup
  • In His Own Words: Ali Wambold

    The Naval Institute provides perspective for both military personnel and civilians as a concise, pertinent, knowledgeable, and objective source on vital topics.  All citizens need to be properly informed in deciding how they stand on such matters, and the Institute can make a big difference...

    Ali Wambold
  • In His Own Words: LT Matthew...

    More than anything else, the Naval Institute is where ideas--not rank--dominate the discourse.  In a world of buzzwords, pet projects, and pop-policy, it's critical to have a strong institution where a JO or NCO's insight counts as much as the think-tank academic or the admiral.

    LT Matthew Hipple
    United States Navy
  • In Their Own Words – Joseph Callo

    One cannot learn how important our Navy is while watching the nightly news, and that is exactly why the Naval Institute Foundation is so important.  It supports the kind of intellectual exploration of naval and maritime matters that is lacking elsewhere.  The Foundation is not just a...

    Joseph Callo
  • Naval Photos

    Thanks to the USNI I was able to purchase photos of the ships my Dad served on during his 10+ years of Naval Service.

    Kevin Johnson
  • In Their Own Words – Sally...

    During my [naval] reserve career I came to understand the dedication of my career Navy counterparts and the overarching importance of the U.S. Navy to our past, present and future.  That has translated naturally to support for the Naval Institute Foundation and its support for the rigorous...

    Sally McElwreath Callo
  • In Her Own Words: Ingrid S. Beach

    Between the splendid books offered by the Naval Institute Press and the stirring videos from the “Americans at War” series, I am struck by how well the Institute is keeping abreast of modern technology and incorporating high-profile techniques into its publishing business.  But...

    Ingrid S. Beach
  • U of I NROTC Gift Memberships

    Digital-media entrepreneur and author Christopher P. Michel of San Francisco has agreed to underwrite Institute memberships for midshipmen in the NROTC unit at the University of Illinois for the next several years.  A former naval flight officer, Chris received his commission through this...

  • In His Own Words: Earl F. Rippee

    Over the years, I’ve taken satisfaction in supporting the Naval Institute. I don’t always like what I read in its publications and hear at its seminars, but I am proud to do my part to make sure everyone—no matter how much I disagree with what they say—has a place to air...

    Earl F. Rippee


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