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Rep. Forbes Thanks the Naval Institute

I thank the Naval Institute for the great work its done for some 140 years. I¹m blessed to have supporting me an incredibly gifted young staff, and I was thinking how great it¹s been for the Naval Institute throughout all these years to give this kind of youthful brain -- and their kind of thought process -- a home where they can talk and think. I appreciate that so much.

Representative J. Randy Forbes (R - VA)
Grateful to Serve

“Grateful to serve my God and Country in the nuclear Navy. Go Nuke!”

Alan Park
United States Navy
In Their Own Words – Joseph Callo

One cannot learn how important our Navy is while watching the nightly news, and that is exactly why the Naval Institute Foundation is so important.  It supports the kind of intellectual exploration of naval and maritime matters that is lacking elsewhere.  The Foundation is not just a rare national resources; it is a unique one.

Joseph Callo
In Their Own Words – Sally McElwreath Callo

During my [naval] reserve career I came to understand the dedication of my career Navy counterparts and the overarching importance of the U.S. Navy to our past, present and future.  That has translated naturally to support for the Naval Institute Foundation and its support for the rigorous investigation of how maritime power relates to our national welfare.

Sally McElwreath Callo
In His Own Words: Earl F. Rippee

Over the years, I’ve taken satisfaction in supporting the Naval Institute. I don’t always like what I read in its publications and hear at its seminars, but I am proud to do my part to make sure everyone—no matter how much I disagree with what they say—has a place to air their views.  I can’t imagine not being part of this dynamic educational opportunity.

Earl F. Rippee
A Mother’s Support of her Marine Son: Going Beyond

Now, more than ever, there is a critical place for an organization such as the Naval Institute that encourages debate on all sides of an issue.  I decided to further support [my son’s] career choice in one of the few ways available to me—by making a gift to the Institute.  I am not from a service background nor knowledgeable about military matters, so adding my voice to the Institute’s forum would be so much hot air.  What I can bring to the mix is my ability to make a financial contribution to keep the forum viable.  By strengthening the Institute, I am, in turn, deepening my commitment to my son.

Ruth Ann Raup
In His Own Words: David J. Gray

Understanding history sharpens strategic skills and enables us to function on a higher level.  Our bequest will help underwrite conferences, articles, books and lectures at the Institute’s discretion. By including the Naval Institute in my estate plans, my support will continue beyond my membership.  The Institute is a worthwhile society that has earned this loyalty.  It makes a different in keeping danger as far away from us a possible.

David J. Gray
In His Own Words: John T. Pigott

I thoroughly enjoy Proceedings and Naval History magazines.  The continuation of their robust health is a major reason why I have, over many years, given as generously to the Naval Institute as I could—and will continue to do so.  I might add that in 1944 I was a commissioning officer in the USS Barton (DD-722).  My assistant gunnery officer was Ensign B.B. “Beetle” Forbes, fresh from Annapolis, who went on to have a distinguished naval career and retired as a vice admiral.  Last year, the Naval Institute completed his oral history, and it gave me much pleasure and satisfaction to help underwrite the project.  I take great pride in being both a member and a supporter.

John T. Pigott
In Her Own Words: Ingrid S. Beach

Between the splendid books offered by the Naval Institute Press and the stirring videos from the “Americans at War” series, I am struck by how well the Institute is keeping abreast of modern technology and incorporating high-profile techniques into its publishing business.  But all this costs money, doesn’t it? I will continue to help the Institute through annual donations, but there is a meaningful way to take it to the next step.  I have established a living trust so that this organization that means to much will have my support into the future.

Ingrid S. Beach
In His Own Words: Alexander Brast Thomas

The Navy and all it stands for remain an important part of my life.  I have been a Life Member of the Naval Instiute for 40 years.  Supporting the USNI mission, financially and in other ways, is something I care about deeply.  And thinking now of the Institute’s rich and varied programs and publications—all of which mean so much to Sea Service professionals—I guess I’ve come full circle to the role that learning has played in my life.

Alexander Brast Thomas
Naval Photos

Thanks to the USNI I was able to purchase photos of the ships my Dad served on during his 10+ years of Naval Service.

Kevin Johnson
Former Prof of Naval Science Sponsors Gift Membership for Marquette NROTC Unit

I am confident that the newly commissioned ensigns from Marquette will benefit from membership in the Institute,” Dave says.  “As these young men and women begin their naval careers, I want them to have the same advantages that USNI membership brought me.  The Institute is the only true independent forum for naval officers and others to share their views and Proceedings is a powerful tool.  The huge bonus is that at the same time we help these individuals, we also benefit Marquette NROTC.  I and my fellow sponsors hope to establish ties with the Class of 2013 so we can follow their careers and they can tell us the real scoop.  I will never forget, a few months after the Gulf of Tonkin events of August 1964, I had a visit from one of my mids who, shortly after his commissioning, became radio officer in the USS Picking (DD-685).  The Picking had been diverted to escort duty off Vietnam after the Tonkin incident.  His account of events was fascinating.

David Chomeau, a retired St. Louis insurance executive
U of I NROTC Gift Memberships

Digital-media entrepreneur and author Christopher P. Michel of San Francisco has agreed to underwrite Institute memberships for midshipmen in the NROTC unit at the University of Illinois for the next several years.  A former naval flight officer, Chris received his commission through this program upon graduation in 1990.  “Reading Proceedings as a midshipman helped ignite my passion in the Navy,” he says.  “I think every mid would benefit from being an active member of the Naval Institute from day one.  In a very real sense, all Sailors are members of a professional community . . . and USNI membership is the best way to engage with our profession."

A Commodore to be Missed

Though the Institute staff has the pleasure of dealing on a daily basis with many outstanding members, authors, and donors, some invariably stand out.  The late Everett “Tuck” Weaver of Winnetka, Illinois, who died in September, is one.  Generous and modest to the extreme, he was a true gentleman.  In his final years, as his health failed and he could no longer see, he remained gracious and interested in events around him and had helpers read Institute books and magazines aloud to him.  In retirement he remained involved in civic and philanthropic causes, including the Naval Institute, where he was recognized as a Commodore and as a major supporter of the Press and Oral History programs.

Giving the Gift of Membership

Chris, You're a professional warrior now, in the 2nd year of at least a 10-year career. This publication will help keep you keep current in your chosen profession with respect to weapons, strategy, tactics, and personnel issues. Knowledge is power. Beat Army! Dad



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