Building off the findings of the Education for Seapower (E4S) Study, this event gathered leaders of the Navy, including the Under Secretary of the Navy, the new Chief Learning Officer of the Navy, and the heads of the premier naval education institutions. They discusses and debate the role of education in creating a ready force capable of meeting the challenges of great power competition.

Why a New Vision for Naval Education?

  • The Honorable Christine H. Fox, Assistant Director for Policy and Analysis at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Mr. John R. Kroger, Chief Learning Officer, U.S. Navy
  • The Honorable Thomas B. Modly, Under Secretary of the Navy

How Do We Attain and Execute a New Vision for Naval Education?

  • VADM Peter H. Daly, USN (Ret.), Chief Executive Officer and Publisher, U.S. Naval Institute
  • BGen Jay M. Bargeron, USMC, President, Marine Corps University
  • VADM Sean S. Buck, USN, Superintendent, U.S. Naval Academy
  • VADM Ann E. Rondeau, USN (Ret.), President, Naval Postgraduate School