Author Ken Brown will discuss his book U-Boat Assault on America: Why the U.S. Was Unprepared for War in the Atlantic. The "Second Happy Time" was the informal name given to the phase of the battle of the Atlantic when German U-boats attacked both merchant and U.S. naval vessels along America's east coast. With tankers burning and petrol rationing in New York City, the U.S. Navy seemed powerless to stop the deprivations of Hitler's marauding U-boats. In this book, Ken Brown seeks to explain how the United States responded to these deadly assaults and looks at the steps that the Navy Department took to train the men, harness the scientists, and make the organizational changes that were required to defeat the German threat. Copies of the book will be available for sale.

Ken Brown graduated from Bard College with a Bachelor in Arts in Liberal Arts with a concentration in History. Although he has spent the majority of his career in social services, he was inspired to write after creating and leading a creative writing group in a homeless shelter. He has been conducting research on U-boats off the East Coast of America for more than three years and has had articles published in World at War Magazine. He lives in New York City and U-Boat Assault on America is his first book. Brown has presented at various venues along the US East coast, including The New York Military Affairs Symposium, The Naval Order of the United States, New York Commandry, a number of public libraries in New York City and the Naval War College.

3:00pm - 4:30pm, Meeting Room 1