The 150th Annual Meeting took place on 10 May 2023 at 4:00 PM EDT.  

 The Annual Meeting began at 4:00 PM with an update from VADM Pete Daly, USN (Ret.), CEO and Publisher, on the state of the Institute. This was followed by recognition of the 2022 Naval Institute Authors of the Year and essay award winners. 

Craig L. Symonds, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History, U.S. Naval Academy, and award-winning naval historian and author, highlighted some of the pivotal moments in Sea Service history and the Naval Institute's role in tackling the big issues, specifically in the pages of Proceedings. A panel then shared how the Naval Institute has inspired them, its impact on their military careers, and their views on the importance of the open forum and writing over time. A reception followed for all guests.

Here in our 150th year, the state of the Institute is strong!

  • Our non-partisan, open, and independent forum of Proceedings is thriving. 
  • The American Sea Power Project, now in its third year,  continues to produce both foundational articles and new  thinking on the ends, ways, and means of sea power.
  • The Naval Institute Press—celebrating its 125th year—is embarking on an exciting digital textbook project that will transform the way we deliver content to our educational partners and members. 
  • Our conferences and events are reaching a wider audience than ever before.
  • We welcomed the members of the Naval Historical Foundation who became members of the Naval Institute and now receive our best-in-class Naval History magazine.
  • Our new Conference Center is getting rave reviews and is ahead of plan for bookings!.
  • We have expanded our offerings and improved our reach and impact across the board.



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