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    Dutch painter Willem van de Velde was much admired for his realism and accuracy in his artwork, including this 17th-century depiction of Barbary corsairs attacking a Spanish ship. Courtesy of the Bridgeman Art Library.

    Blackbeard, by I. Ross, Proceedings, October 1974: Teach was his name and "Teaching" was on its way to becoming a very painful process until a Royal Navy lieutenant intervened to teach Teach his last lesson.

    Of Pirates and Rovers, by Lieutenant Commander Charles Moran, U.S. Naval Reserve, Proceedings, April 1937: The author discusses conflicts with the Barbary pirates.
    What Makes Piracy Work, by Virginia Lunsford, Proceedings, December 2008: Five factors that keep piracy alive.
    Feral Cities, Pirate Havens, by Lieutenant Commander Matthew M. Frick, U.S. Navy, Proceedings, December 2008: How pirates throughout history have relied on controlling land bases to support their activities.
    The U.S. Navy Battles Pirates of the Caribbean, by Joseph Gibbs, Naval History, April 2008: In 1821, one captain sailed with his ship and crew into the waters off western Cuba intent on breaking a piratical stranglehold on merchant shipping.
    A Find of Piratical Significance, by Eric Mills, Naval History, April 2009: The discovery of the long-lost wreckage of Captain William Kidd's ship has put to rest some of the legends surrounding piracy's most sympathetic scalawag.
    Piracy, Policy, and Law, by Commander James Kraska, U.S. Navy and Captain Brian Wilson, U.S. Navy, Proceedings, December 2008: The complicated diplomatic and legal challenges of dealing with captured pirates.
    Call for a Holistic Approach to Solving the Piracy Problem, by Joshua Rozenberg: A special report commissioned by ELS International Lawyers.
    The Overstated Threat, by Commander John Patch, U.S. Navy (Retired), Proceedings, December 2008: Is the threat of piracy overhyped because it is often mistakenly linked with acts of terrorism?
    Defeating Somali Pirates on Land: The Kenya Connection, by David Axe, Proceedings, March 2009: The author of several past Proceedings articles from hot spots around the world files this report from Mombasa.
    Gulf of Aden Counter Piracy Operations, by Rear Admiral Terry McKnight, U.S. Navy: The former commander of the counter piracy Combined Task Force 151 provides an informative and insightful overview of the issue of piracy near the coast of Somalia.
    Collector's Guide to Pirate Movie DVDs, by Eric Mills, Naval History, April 2009: From Naval History magazine, a list of classic pirate movies.

    July 2010 Proceedings:

    How Does this End, by Commander John Patch, USN (Ret.): The multinational anti-piracy force isn't really addressing the problem, forcing the United States to ask some tough questions.
    The Entire Indian Ocean is Up for Grabs, by Captain Edward H. Lundquist, USN (Ret.): Increased naval activity in the Gulf of Aden is pushing the Somali pirates outward, where they can operate in a wider radius.
    Two Faces of High-Seas Crime, by Lieutenant Commander Akash Chaturvedi, Indian Navy: Piracy and terrorism are two different things, but this Indian naval officer says the two activities must be dealt with simultaneously.
    Solving Somalia, by Martin N. Murphy: The fight against piracy in the Strait of Malacca appears to be a success, but the situation off Somalia requires a political solution.

    Proceedings from 1916-1917:

    "Our Navy and the West Indian Pirates" Series, by Rear Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich, U.S. Navy.

    Video Clips:

    Anti-piracy task force a failure, MajGen Tom Wilkerson, U.S. Marine Corps, (Retired) on CNN.
    Raising a really rather tricky sovereignty issue, MajGen Tom Wilkerson, U.S. Marine Corps, (Retired) on BBC.


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