In 2003 the United States Navy launched the Sea Power 21 transformation plan in an effort to make the Navy more flexible and more agile to effectively meet future threats. Sea Enterprise was the resource enabler of Sea Power 21, and was focused on the business aspects of the Navy, on making them more effective, efficient and affordable.

Sea Enterprise sponsored the Anchoring Sea Enterprise Essay Contest, which offered total prize money of $40,000 to the winning entrants and asked them to address why the Navy needed to continue this transformation, what business transformation is all about, the progress that had been made to date, what was learned, where we needed to go, and what every one of us could have done to help accelerate and support Sea Enterprise.

The essay contest was sponsored by Vice Admiral McCarthy is Director Material, Readiness and Logistics (OpNav N4).

Winners were published in a Proceedings supplement in 2006. 

Anchor being hoisted from the sea

Anchoring Sea Enterprise Essay Contest

Institutionalize a More Efficient and Adaptive Navy
Among the critical challenges the Department of the Navy faces today is finding and allocating resources needed to transform our Navy into a 21st century...