“. . . information dominance is increasingly recognized by Fleet operators as a critical force multiplier. It’s no longer just an adjunct to Warfighting. It is Warfighting.”

Vice Admiral Ted Branch, USN
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for
Information Dominance

“In every domain, we generally enjoy a significant military advantage. But we have peer competitors in cyber. . . . It’s a level playing field. And that makes this Chairman very uncomfortable.”

General Martin Dempsey, USA
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Challenge

What are the appropriate roles for the military services and the Defense Information Systems Agency to establish, sustain, and operate the Joint Information Environment?

Operation of the Joint Information Environment within the Defense Information Systems Agency is evolving at light speed as the pace of technology advances faster than operators can migrate to upgraded and new systems. The military services are directed by United Sates Code Title 10 as being “responsible to organize and equip their services to perform all functions pertaining to their department.” Title 10 also provides that “Whenever the Secretary of Defense determines such action would be more effective, economical, or efficient, the Secretary may provide for the performance of a supply or service activity that is common to more than one military department by a single agency of the Department of Defense.” 

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Note: All prizes include one-year membership in the U.S. Naval Institute

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30 April 2015

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Published in July Proceedings

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First Prize
Commander John M. Dahm, U.S. Navy
Second Prize
Lieutenant Jeffrey B. Hunter, U.S. Navy
Third Place
Lieutenant (jg) Benjamin Morris, U.S. Navy
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