The Essay Contest is aligned with the 2014 Naval History Conference and the conference’s specific Focus. The Conference will trace historical examples of heroism as well as modern accounts of courage, perseverance and drive. The Essay Contest will draw from history to inform the present and future. Entrants are invited to submit an essay, in essence a case study, on a leader in action, an individual now deceased from one of the Sea Services, an ordinary individual who did the extraordinary. The essay should address how that individual’s historical, heroic role served the Nation and, if appropriate, the international community, and how that individual’s role informs current and future leaders.

$5,000 First Prize & One Year USNI Membership

$2,500 Second Prize & One Year USNI Membership

$1,500 Third Prize & One Year USNI Membership

• Eligibility – Open to Naval Academy and NROTC Midshipmen, Coast Guard Cadets, enlisted personnel, officers, and civilians who are serving or have served in one of the Sea Services.

• Submit to: [email protected]

• Deadline 31 July 2014

• Winners Announced in October 2014 Proceedings

Selected Submissions

First Prize
Captain Richard M. Miller, U.S. Navy
Second Prize
Senior Chief Petty Officer Dennis L. Noble, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
Third Prize
Ensign Samuel Oat-Judge, U.S. Navy
Sponsored by
The William M. Wood Foundation

Previous Winners