A founding member of the Association of American University Presses, the book-publishing arm of the Naval Institute was launched in 1898 with basic guides to naval practices. Now, more than a century later, Naval Institute Press titles address such diverse subjects as how-to books on boating and navigation, battle histories, biographies, ship and aircraft guides, and novels, including the bestsellers The Hunt for Red October (Tom Clancy) and Flight of the Intruder (Stephen Coonts).  As of Fall 2018, the Press has expanded into publishing graphic novels under the Dead Reckoning imprint, bringing military history to new and younger audiences in a uniquely engaging format.

The Naval Institute Press proposes to capitalize on major changes going on in the publishing world, ensuring that worthy books of military history find a reputable publisher, and that many more young historians are encouraged to write and publish. Your donations will enable author advances, offer author prizes and awards, underwrite indexing costs, provide price subventions, and fund special projects in both print and digital media.

For more information on how you can support the Naval Institute Press, please contact the Naval Institute Foundation at (410) 295-1054 or [email protected]. Or make a direct contribution today as part of your gift to the Institute’s comprehensive campaign.

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