The Naval Institute’s Naval History Magazine is the world’s most authoritative and engaging periodical for readers interested in our nautical heritage. Beautifully illustrated with dramatic period photographs and evocative paintings, the magazine brings to life U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard history through insightful analysis of events, and firsthand accounts by those involved in our naval triumphs and tragedies. Gripping battle accounts, enlightening articles on enduring mysteries, thoughtful essays, scholarly analyses, and book reviews make Naval History a “must read” for its devoted audience.  

Naval History Magazine dominates the subject of maritime history worldwide. It occupies a niche, with its American Sea Services focus, that no other magazine has occupied for many, many years. Naval History is a bridge between the academic world and popular naval history, with authoritative content supported by citations or named sources. David McCullough, host of “The American Experience” and Pulitzer Prize winning historian calls Naval History “One of the best magazines in the country…fundamental to improving the teaching and the understanding of American history…”

Individuals who care deeply about the work of Naval History Magazine have an opportunity to help secure Naval History’s present and future and, in this way, preserve and disseminate Sea Service history more widely and effectively. 

Supporters of Naval History Magazine provide direct philanthropic support to the ongoing needs of the magazine and to the strategic actions that are planned for its continued success. These actions include greater use of Navy and Marine photographic, film, and textual records at the National Archives, more graphics and maps, more use of graphic novel excerpts, more commissioned artwork to illustrate articles more richly, and more special gatefold packages. 

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