The chair’s incumbent directs the professional naval books program of the Naval Institute Press and furthers the organization’s strategic initiative to become the preeminent source of information for professional advancement in the naval services. The Gordon England Chair of Professional Naval Literature is the Naval Institute’s first such named chair.

The position greatly strengthens the Naval Institute’s tradition for publishing books essential to the education of the men and women who have made the U.S. Navy one of the greatest forces in the history of the world. These essential books include such titles as: The Bluejackets Manual, The Coast Guardsman’s Manual, The Naval Shiphandler’s Guide, Dutton’s Nautical Navigation, The Handbook for Marine NCOs, The Watch Officers Guide, and The Naval Institute Guide to Naval Writing. In 2015, professional books occupied 17 of the top 30 slots in the Naval Institute Press’s list of best-selling books.

The Chair also duly honors the rich legacy of Secretary England, a well-respected defense industry executive noted for his vision and innovation. England was selected to serve as the 72nd and 73rd Secretary of the Navy, the first Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security, and the 29th Deputy Secretary of Defense.

The Gordon England Chair of Professional Naval Literature helps to oversee the revision of many of the classic professional books while developing new titles to address the evolving duties of the nation’s Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen.

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