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2015 Naval History Essay Contest sponsored by The William M. Wood Foundation
Prize Title Author
THird Prize Japanese Success at Okinawa Lieutenant Commander Richard S. Lee, Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy
2015 Leadership Essay Contest Sponsored with Dr. J. Philip London and CACI International
Prize Title Author
First Prize Leading Outside Command Lieutenant Commander Jason Shell, U.S. Navy
Second Prize Critical-Thought Leaders Achieve Best Outcomes Ensign Justin Chock, U.S. Navy
Third Prize Identity, Passion, and Service Are the Pillars of Leadership Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Keller, U.S. Navy
Third Prize #Leadership Captain Rafiel Deon Warfield, U.S. Marine Corps
Third Prize The Cycle of Leadership Lieutenant Matthew Farrell, U.S. Navy
2014 Commander William Earl Fannin Class of 1945 Capstone Essay Contest
Prize Title Author
SWO The Timeless Naval Officer Ensign Garland Christopher III, U.S. Navy
Submarine Semper Deep! Ensign Alexander Yachanin, U.S. Navy
Marines Lessons for Lieutenants Second Lieutenant Jean-Luc Currie, U.S. Marine Corps
Aviation Is the Sun Setting on the Greyhound? Ensign Andy Felix, U.S. Navy
2014 Naval Mine Warfare Essay Contest sponsored by the Mine Warfare Association
Prize Title Author
First Prize Mine and Undersea Warfare for the Future Dr. Joshua A. Edwards and Captain Dennis M. Gallagher, U.S. Navy Reserve
Second Prize Terrorist Naval Mines/Underwater Improvised Explosive Devices Peter von Bleichert
Third Prize Position Open: USN Mine Warfare Champion Dr. Scott Truver
2014 Information Dominance Essay Contest sponsored by HP
Prize Title Author
First Prize Naval Constraints in a Joint Environment Lieutenant Peyton Price, U.S. Navy
Second Prize Protect Our Cyberspace Captain Douglas A. Powers, U.S. Navy
Third Prize The Joint Information Environment Exploits Cyberspace Lieutenant Nathan M. Rolfe, U.S. Navy Reserve
2014 Naval History Essay Contest sponsored by The William M. Wood Foundation
Prize Title Author
First Prize A Perfect American Victory Captain Richard M. Miller, U.S. Navy
Third Prize Sailor, Prisoner, Captain, Spy Ensign Samuel Oat-Judge, U.S. Navy
Second Prize The Enlisted Force's Scribe Senior Chief Petty Officer Dennis L. Noble, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
2014 Global Defense Burden Essay Contest sponsored by DRS Technologies/A Finmeccanica Company
Prize Title Author
First Prize Cooperation is the Key to NATO's Future Lieutenant (junior grade) Chris Pagenkopf, U.S. Navy


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