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A century later, the story lives on: Human drama on an epic scale—even though the stage was the desolate North Atlantic, and the only audience was the players themselves. In all of maritime...
Featured Article
The buildup of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has caused quite a stir with the United States and its allies over the past few years. But China hardly has us over a barrel.  
Featured Article
The U.S. military and civilian agencies should collaborate to wage successful counterinsurgency—not battle each other. For many military units operating in Afghanistan (and, until recently,...
Featured Article
By: Daniel J. Demers
In 1941, a weekend pass in San Francisco and an impetuous sailor’s good intentions erupted into an international incident with Nazi Germany.

From this Month's
Proceedings Magazine

Be Ready for 4 + 1
Marines and Sailors must know and train to fight the five most likely adversaries the United States will face for the foreseeable future.
Shift the Coast Guard to DoD
Transferring the U.S. Coast Guard to the Department of Defense would enhance the service’s capabilities and the nation’s defense. U.S....
The Oath Is a Sacred Covenant
By Lieutenant Fleet Russell White, U.S. Navy When an officer swears to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all...
Living in TACSIT 1
In today’s operational environment, the Navy’s position often is known to an adversary—as this photo of the Donald Cook (DDG-75)...
Russian Navy: Part 3
Impressive Beneath the Waves Russian Northern Fleet The modern Russian Navy, similar to its Soviet predecessor, looks best underwater. Russia’...

From this Month's
Naval History Magazine

Prewar Voyage Down Under
As war clouds gathered over the Pacific, the heavy cruiser Chicago led a flotilla on a goodwill mission that left her sailors with...
Bluejacket's Manual - Cracking the ‘Hull Number’ Code

For more than a hundred years, U.S. Navy ships were known only by type and name, as in “the frigate Constitution.” But as more and...

On Our Scope

Thirty years ago the U.S. Naval Institute debuted Naval History. With 163 issues under its belt, the magazine remains the only publication...

In Contact

Closer Look at the Evidence

Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan

In our book A Matter of Justice: Pearl Harbor:...

As I Recall - Competing for the Top Job

James Leamon Forbis enlisted in the Navy in 1939. When war came on 7 December 1941, he was on the front line of history, serving as a coxswain...

U.S. Naval Institute Blog

On Midrats 19 Feb 2017 -Episode 372: Andrew Jackson’s Navy; Now More Than Ever?

Please join us at 5pm EST on 19 Feb 2016 for Midrats Episode 372: Andrew Jackson’s Navy; Now More Than Ever? Since his election in November, the...

SECDEF Mattis to NATO: Sober Up

A true sign of mutual respect among friends is to be honest with each other. You demonstrate how much you value a friendship by being clear,...

On Midrats 12 Feb 2017 – Episode 371: Rice Bowls, Silos, & Firewalls – the National Security Bureaucracy

Please join us at 5pm on 12 Feb 2017 for Midrats Episode 371: Rice Bowls, Silos, & Firewalls – the National Security Bureaucracy For the...

China Sees Our 350, and Throw Another 150 on Top

A US Navy of 350 ships? All navalists would love to have that. We have global responsibilities. We are a two-ocean navy. Numbers mean things. One...

On Midrats 5 Feb 2017 – Episode 370: The SECNAV’s In Basket With James Holmes

Please join us at 5pm EST on 5 Feb 2017 for Midrats Episode 370: The SECNAV’s In Basket With James Holmes: There will be no rest for the...

Naval History Blog

A Taranto–Pearl Harbor Connection?

On the night of 11 November 1940, Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm aircraft attacked Italian battleships at anchor in the port of Taranto, Italy. On the...

The Hudson River Chain

  We sometimes forget our parents were not born adults. They were children and teenagers first, who did silly things. When it comes to my dad...

The Corps’ Parris Island Museum

Men who enlist in the Marine Corps east of the Mississippi River and all women joining the Corps must first report to the Marine Corps Recruit...

A Case for Submarine Chasers

U.S. Navy SC-1–class submarine chasers performed significant services that became an integral part of the Allied effort to win World War I war at...

Remembering the Caribsea

Just after midnight on March 11, 1942, 22-year-old Jim Gaskill, second mate of the ore freighter Caribsea, went off watch and turned in for the...


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