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A century later, the story lives on: Human drama on an epic scale—even though the stage was the desolate North Atlantic, and the only audience was the players themselves. In all of maritime...
Featured Article
The buildup of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has caused quite a stir with the United States and its allies over the past few years. But China hardly has us over a barrel.  
Featured Article
The U.S. military and civilian agencies should collaborate to wage successful counterinsurgency—not battle each other. For many military units operating in Afghanistan (and, until recently,...
Featured Article
By: Daniel J. Demers
In 1941, a weekend pass in San Francisco and an impetuous sailor’s good intentions erupted into an international incident with Nazi Germany.

From this Month's
Proceedings Magazine

Protecting Our Warrior Ethos Tomorrow
Surf the Data Tsunami
The great information surge offers the Navy the opportunity to replace situational awareness with situational understanding. 
Deploy the Gerald R. Ford ASAP
The U.S. Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) is in the fleet restoring the number of carriers to the mandated...
Charting a Course - Write Better Paper
Manpower: The Billion-Dollar Afterthought
Every November, during the reading of General John A. Lejeune’s birthday message, Marines are reminded that “the term ‘Marine...

From this Month's
Naval History Magazine

The Strange Disappearance of Admiral Wilcox

Man overboard” is perhaps the most chilling phrase one can hear on board a ship. And when those words were heard on the morning of 27 March...

Naval History News

Red October Remembered at Cold War Sub Seminar

the Submarine History Seminar at the U.S. Navy Memorial on 31 October were treated to a...

Acts of Valor: Sergeant Alfredo Gonzalez, USMC


On Our Scope

Fifty years ago, the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy were enmeshed in three Far East crises. The Corps was facing its severest tests of the Vietnam War...

Pieces of the Past

1519: Ferdinand Magellan sets out from Spain with five ships, 260 men, and a mission to do an end run around the New World and...

U.S. Naval Institute Blog

Information Consumption as a National Security Crisis

Against the backdrop of Facebook giving Congress the content of approximately 3,000 dubious advertisements with links to Russia—advertising...

SLOCs Matter

Time-distance, geography, and a nation’s need for trade and resources – these things are constant. As a nation grows in strength, their need for...

Ten Questions for Sailor 2025

In the current flurry of fleet reviews and investigations, one process that continues apace is the new program to overhaul the Navy’s training...

The Role of the Naval Innovation Advisory Council (NIAC) in Building the Navy and Marine Corps of the Future

I had the honor of serving as an innovation advisor on the Department of the Navy (DoN) Naval Innovation Advisory Council (NIAC) from 2015 to 2016...

It isn’t the shock testing of FORD that should worry you

The last week or so saw a fair bit of concerned commentary about the delay in shock testing the USS FORD (CVN 78). Good people can argue either...

Naval History Blog

USCG Helos to the Rescue (Part 2)

On 15 February1943, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Ernest J. King assigned responsibility for sea-going development of helicopters to the U.S....

Richard Wainwright: USS Maine survivor & supporter of the Naval Institute

  When the USS Maine exploded 120 years ago on February 15, 1898, Lieutenant Commander Richard Wainwright, one of the Naval Institute’s...

A Deeper Dive into Hell to Pay

In 2009, D. M. Giangreco’s award-winning book Hell to Pay: Operation Downfall and the Invasion of Japan, 1945–1947 was published by the Naval...

Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate Carl Maxie Brashear, the U.S. Navy’s First African American Master Diver

Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate Carl Maxie Brashear (1931-2006) used a rare combination of grit, determination, and persistence to overcome...

Seaplanes: The Beginning

The first true seaplanes, built by the Glenn Curtis company in 1911, started a revolution in aircraft performance. With their clean, sleek lines,...


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