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A century later, the story lives on: Human drama on an epic scale—even though the stage was the desolate North Atlantic, and the only audience was the players themselves. In all of maritime...
Featured Article
The buildup of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has caused quite a stir with the United States and its allies over the past few years. But China hardly has us over a barrel.
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The U.S. military and civilian agencies should collaborate to wage successful counterinsurgency—not battle each other.
Featured Article
By: Daniel J. Demers
In 1941, a weekend pass in San Francisco and an impetuous sailor’s good intentions erupted into an international incident with Nazi Germany.

From this Month's
Proceedings Magazine

Editor's Page
This issue marks the first Proceedings appearance by the 31st Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson. We asked USNI News Staff Writer...
CEO Notes
The news on the essay-contest front remains very positive. These contests are generating interest around the world in the Naval Institute and...
Comment & Discussion
Retaining Our Most Talented . . . to Fight and Win How to Make Flag (See B. Cooper, pp. 42–48, and K. Eyer, p. 16, January 2016 Proceedings)
Now Hear This - Greater Cooperation Is Needed Between China and the United States
Although it seems cliché to repeat that the relationship between the United States and China will be the most important of the 21st century,...
Nobody Asked Me, But . . . - The Navy Should Expand Acoustic Intelligence Experts' Vital Roles
The world of the warfighter is becoming more complex. The threats our sailors face are increasingly sophisticated and proliferating. In the undersea...

From this Month's
Naval History Magazine

An Act of War on the Eve of Revolution
A year and a half before the more famous Boston Tea Party, the Gaspee Affair marked the first blow struck for...
On Our Scope

Twenty-five years. It’s hard to believe Operation Desert Storm was so long ago. Perhaps that’s because the United States seemingly has...

Looking Back - The Cruisebook Comes to Life

No, I said to the executive officer, Lieutenant Jose Gamboa, I didn’t want to put together a cruisebook for our ship. I was the operations...

In Contact

A Man Without Empathy

Tido H. Holtcamp

Armaments & Innovations - Crude But Effective in Large Doses

You’ve probably seen the movie. Submarine crewmen look up anxiously. Suddenly there’s a terrific explosion. Lights flicker off and on...

U.S. Naval Institute Blog

Developing Naval Guileists

Guile: /ɡīl/ noun: sly or cunning intelligence. Oxford Dictionary In the Aeneid, Virgil describes the contentious arguments between Achilles and...

UCLASS – a Choice of Prudence

I have found some of the responses to the latest announcement about UCLASS to be sadly telling about how little some have learned from the Age of...

Never Paint Over Rust

“Never paint over rust, it doesn’t solve the underlying issue — the rust. It may make the ship look better but only for a very...

Distributed Lethality Task Force Launches CIMSEC Topic Week

This post appeared in its original form at CIMSEC. Week Dates: Feb. 22-28 2016 Articles Due: Feb. 21 2016 Article Length: 800-1800 Words (with...

On Midrats 31 Jan 2016 – Episode 317: “Naval Presence and National Strategy,” with Jerry Hendrix

Please join us at 5pm EST on 31 Jan 2016 for Midrats Episode 317: “Naval Presence and National Strategy,” with Jerry Hendrix : From...

Naval History Blog

A Lack of Seatbelt Saves a Life

Colgate W. Darden, a U.S. Navy aviator during World War I, received his wings in 1918 and went to France as a Marine Corps flier. Shortly before...

Thomas Mandigo: From Slave to Seaman

Tucked in the woods in the rolling foothills of Pennsylvania’s Welsh Mountains sits the tiny and largely forgotten Sandy Hill African...

The Marine Corps Goes Geodesic

By the time R. Buckminster Fuller received his patent in June 1954 for a “geodesic, hemispherical structure for enclosing space,” he had already...

Salty Talk

  Someone speaking of “beating a dead horse” may have in mind an image of a jockey trying to get his deceased mount to move, but...

An Unforgettable Movie–and Book

The special affection I hold for this classic story goes back 60 years—to the summer of 1954, when I first saw the movie that made its debut in...


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