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Format: 2019-01-20
Format: 2019-01-20

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David Abrutat

Abrutat David Abrutat is an ex-Royal Marine commando and former reconnaissance specialist with an interest inWorld War II and the work of clandestine forces around the world. He is ...

Asgeir Ueland

Ueland Asgeir Ueland , born in 1974, is a historian and writer. He was educated at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has written for a number of Norwegian newspapers and ...

Jens Müller

Müller Jens Müller was one of only three men who successfully escaped from Stalag Luft III (now in Żagań, Poland) in March 1944—the break that later became the basis for the famous film ...

Jeremy Dixon

Dixon Jeremy Dixon has been interested in Nazi Germany for over thirty-five years and has written five books on the subject. Dixon works for the Metropolitan Police and lives in ...

Brooke S. Blades

Blades Brooke S. Blades is an archaeologist and historian whose research has included examinations of World War II sites in France, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg. An interest in ...

Garth Ennis

Ennis Garth Ennis has been writing comics since 1989. Credits include Preacher, The Boys and Hitman , with successful runs on The Punisher and Fury for Marvel ...

Daniel Ortega

Ortega Daniel Ortega is a Spanish author of a series of novels published about a group of German soldiers surviving the horrors of World War II. He is a specialist in the structure ...

Antonio Gil

Gil Antonio Gil is a Spanish illustrator and comic author who specializes in military history. His work can be seen in more than 100 publications in specialized magazines and books ...

Russ Braun

Braun Russ Braun has been working in comics for almost 30 years, with a 7-year break for a stint with Disney Feature Animation. Best known for his frequent collaborations with Garth ...

John Lodwick

Lodwick JOHN LODWICK (1916–1959) was one of the leading novelists of the early twentieth century and a key player in London's surrealist movement. This memoir covers his ...


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