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Format: 2018-02-24
Format: 2018-02-24

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Marc Khan

Khan Mark Khan is a military historian, author, and researcher specializing in the technical aspects of 20th and 21st century warfare and conflict archaeology. ...

Marco Ghiglino

Ghiglino Marco Ghiglino is a serving officer in the Italian navy and has been researching naval camouflage for many years. He is an accomplished draughtsman. This is his first book. ...

Lawrence Paterson

Paterson Lawrence Paterson has written several books on various aspects of the U-boat war, including D önitz's Last Gamble and Hitler's Grey Wolves. He lives in ...

Vera Hildebrand

Hildebrand Vera Hildebrand has a PhD in Indian history and culture from Georgetown University. She is a senior research fellow at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies at University ...

Lisa K. Shapiro

Shapiro Lisa K. Shapiro began teaching in 2003, and her community college classrooms have always been filled with veterans. As a creative writing instructor, she encouraged the ...

Stephen A. Bourque

Bourque After twenty years of enlisted and commissioned service in the U.S. Army, Stephen A. Bourque obtained his PhD at Georgia State University and taught history at several ...

Ted Edwards

Edwards Ted Edwards is an historian whose oral history work with World War II aviators and other veterans of twentieth-century war is driven by a desire to understand the events via ...

Herman E. Melton and Edited by Will Melton

Melton Herman Melton (1920–2013) was a World War II veteran of both the Murmansk Run and Pacific convoys. Will Melton , son of the author, retired in 2015 after forty years as a ...

Stephen S. Roberts

Roberts Dr. Stephen S. Roberts is a leading American authority on French warships, particularly those of the nineteenth century. Off ...

Heinz Schaeffer

Schaeffer HEINZ SCHAEFFER joined the German navy at the very beginning of World War II after a boyhood spent mostly in small sailing boats. In 1944, Heinz Schaeffer took command of a ...


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