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Format: 2018-12-18
Format: 2018-12-18

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John Henshaw

Henshaw JOHN HENSHAW is a retired chartered surveyor, educated at Wesley College and Melbourne University. He spent most of his working career designing and constructing buildings ...

Kerry Jang

Jang KERRY JANG is the author of numerous academic books and papers, but in his spare time he has developed his ship modeling skills to professional standards. ...

Robert N. Macomber

Macomber Robert N. Macomber is an award-winning author, internationally acclaimed lecturer, Department of Defense consultant/lecturer, and accomplished seaman. When not trekking ...

Magnus F. Nordenman

Nordenman Magnus F. Nordenman is a noted NATO expert who formerly served as the director of the Transatlantic Security Initiative at The Atlantic Council in Washington, DC. He has ...

Barbara Brooks Tomblin

Tomblin Barbara Brooks Tomblin is a naval and military historian and author of G.I. Nightingales: The Army Nurse Corps in World War II; With Utmost Spirit: Allied Naval Operations ...

Ryan D. Martinson

Martinson Ryan D. Martinson is an assistant professor at CMSI. He holds a master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and a bachelor of science ...

Paula G. Thornhill

Thornhill Paula G. Thornhill retired from the U.S. Air Force as a brigadier general. She commanded at the group level and served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, on the ...

Joshua Tallis

Tallis Joshua Tallis is an analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses. He has provided analytic support afloat to naval forces in the European and Central Command theaters and has ...

George E. Fedoroff

Fedoroff George E. Fedoroff is the Senior Intelligence Officer for Russia matters within the Office of Naval Intelligence, where he has worked since 1971. He has visited the Soviet ...

Jim Ring

Ring JIM RING is a distinguished documentary film producer and successful author. His 2003 book We Come Unseen, about the cold war submarine service, won the Mountbatten Maritime ...


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