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U.S. Naval Institute Debuts "Americans at War" Website
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Who is better qualified to describe the reality of battle—its sights, sounds, and smells— than the men and women who have been there and lived to tell about it? Now viewers can see the award-winning "Americans at War" series, on the website just launched by the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) and sponsored by Lockheed Martin.

The popular series illuminates actual combat experience from the personal perspective of men and women who fought in America's wars from WWI to Iraq. It has been airing nationally on public television stations since June 2007. Now, viewers can see it at

"Americans at War" is a living history of men and women, told in their own words what it was like for them in the crucible of combat, bringing us up close and personal with the emotions they experienced, from stark terror to personal sacrifice; from great sadness to intense pride.

"This is a signature program of the Naval Institute," said retired Marine Corps Major General Tom Wilkerson, the CEO of USNI. "The project captures the inspiring and haunting vignettes of Americans at War in high-definition video from the well known to those known only to family and friends. We are producing a living testament that war is the court of last resort, devoid of glamour and glory, but filled with the courage of everyday Americans doing extraordinary things."

Here's what one Marine said after watching the series:

"Today, with a society at peace while its military is at war, we have another generation that is uncomprehending of those in its midst who have been shaped by the horrors of battle in the service of their country. Your brilliant documentary ""Americans at War"" shows these new veterans that they are worthy successors to such a legacy of courage and sacrifice."

The website was created by Aviatech. Dwight Gould, CEO, notes that "Aviatech is proud to have been part of this important project, bringing to life the stories of our country's heroes."

Read the Batimore Sun article. Some of the featured stories:

President George H.W. Bush, USNR Col. Charles McGee, USAF (Ret.)
Lt. Cmdr. Bobbi Hovis, USN (Ret.) Edwin Bearrs, USMC
Col. John Ripley, USMC (Ret.) Senator Bob Kerrey, USNR

This amazing and timely series has been made possible only through the participation of the U.S. Naval Institute Foundationand Lockheed Martin. It is one of many projects supporting service members though Lockheed Martin's "United in Gratitude" initiative.  For more information, go to

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