F35Cs fly with FA-18 Super Hornets on their way to Naval Air Station Fallon to begin the airframe’s integration into the training complex. The Navy’s focus on non-joint air operations has left its carrier air wings underprepared for the high-end fight.

Train Like You Fight

By Lieutenant Commander Patrick J. “Fonda” Bouchoux, U.S. Navy
September 2020
To win the next fight, the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps tactical aviation communities must train jointly.

Exclusive Excerpt: The Stringbags

By Garth Ennis and P. J. Holden
June 2020
An exclusive excerpt from the new graphic novel from Dead Reckoning. The heroic story of the torpedo bomber crews who flew outdated Fairey Swordfish biplanes in World War II.

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From Our Publications

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