Seventy-five years ago, the most epochal event in modern history—and the largest naval war ever fought—came to an end as the surrender of Japan officially concluded World War II. In this image taken 28 August 1945, Mount Fuji forms an iconic backdrop as warships of the U.S. Third Fleet and the British Pacific Fleet steam across Sagami Wan southwest of Tokyo. In the foreground is the USS Missouri (BB-63), flying Admiral William F. Halsey’s four-star flag. The Royal Navy battleship HMS Duke of York is just beyond her, with HMS King George V farther in. The USS Colorado (BB-45) is in the far center distance. Also present are U.S. and British cruisers and U.S. destroyers.

With the Imperial Japanese Navy decimated and an Allied invasion of Japan imminent, it had seemed foregone by the end of July that some sort of capitulation was inevitable—but would it come after a protracted and bitterly fought invasion of the Japanese Home Islands—or would it come swiftly, in a stroke of devastation hitherto unseen by mankind? 


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Pieces of the Past

By Jeff Harding
October 2020
“First copy signed with the Woo gift pen and second copy signed with my old green Parker pen.” Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz penned these words in a letter to ...
Faulk, Roland William, Capt., USN (Ret.)

Faulk, Roland William, Capt., USN (Ret.)

In a career marked by a great deal of administrative work rather than parish duty, Faulk is probably best known for his spirited--and eventually successful--campaign against compulsory church attendance in the Navy. Among his varied duties were service in the battleship Idaho (BB-42) in the late 1930s, at the Cavite ...
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Missouri Endgame

By Alan P. Rems
August 2010
The top American naval officers assembled at the 1945 Japanese surrender formed an iconic tableau; they also constituted a study in contrasts.
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