Americans at War Volume II

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Americans at War Volume II
Twenty 90 second, high definition vignettes, these videos convey powerful stories of inspiration pride, and patriotism featuring Senator Bob Kerrey (USN), Harry Ferrier (USN), Kenneth Rowe and others?I hope you are receiving tremendous positive feedba
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  • Date Available: January 2012
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Who is better qualified to describe the horror of battle - or its accompanying sights, sounds and smells - than the men and women who survived it? Americans at War is the platform on which these brave souls share with us, in their own words, a snippet of what it was like for them during war and the myriad of emotions they experienced, from fear to guilt to pride. Watch Some Videos and Learn More

"Bob makes light of this but what they did was to scale a 350ft cliff at night by hand and they let themselves down by rope to the enemy encampment as there was no other way to go in unnoticed. He got hit and still kept command and they came away victors with serious Intel and prisoners. This was no cakewalk and he a deserved his medal. "
Subscriber on the Awarding of Bob Kerrey's Medal of Honor

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