Mussolini's Navy

A Reference Guide to the Regia Marina, 1930-1945
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Published:October 15, 2012
By Maurizio Brescia (Author)

This book is the only complete guide in English to the Regia Marina, the Italian navy with which Mussolini fought World War II. Starting with the historical background, it describes how the navy developed, how it was organized, the facilities that supported it, and the operations it conducted both before and after the armistice in 1943. It also details all its ships, with full technical particulars, plans and photos. There are chapters on special topics like camouflage; uniforms, decorations and insignia; and a 'who's who' of important naval personalities. The reference value of the book is enhanced by a comprehensive bibliography and guide to sources. The illustrations are drawn from the author s collection of naval photographs, considered one of the best in Italy.

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Maurizio Brescia has published a number of books on Italian warships and provided illustrations for many more. He is on the editorial board of the monthly Storia Militare and is a regular contributor to other magazines, including the Italian navy's official Revista Marittina.

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Mussolini's Navy
This book is the only complete guide in English to the Regia Marina, the Italian navy with which...Read More

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Mussolini's Navy
Monday, December 17, 2012
By: Art Nicholson
With Mussolini’s Navy, Maurizio Brescia has written in impeccable and impressive book about seemingly every aspect of the “Regia Marina,” the Italian Navy of World War II, for English-speaking naval enthusiasts and modelers. This large format book covers such topics as the organization of the fleet, its leaders and important personalities, naval aviation, warship camouflage, and bases, ports, and shipyards. There are many, many very good photographs, which are drawn from an amazing variety of sources and which are mostly new to me, as well as many detailed line drawings, some of them by the author. There is a detailed history of the Italian Navy up to 1939 and a helpful chronology of major events in the war. There are color sections with photographs, camouflage patterns, flags, and insignia of rank. All classes of every type of major combatant (and many smaller ships and assault craft) are covered in great detail. There is a very interesting foreword by naval historian Erminio Bagnasco, and at the other end of the book the bibliography is quite extensive. Mussolini’s Navy is a most welcome new resource for those who are interested in the Regia Marina but who do not read Italian well (or at all).


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