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Marine Corps Wisdom of a Medal of Honor Recipient
  • ISBN/SKU: 9781612510248
  • Binding: Hardcover & eBook
  • Era:
  • Number of Pages: 192
  • Subject: U.S. Marine Corps
  • Date Available: September 2011
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A Leatherneck Original published with the Marine Corps Association

Drawing on forty-three years of leading Marines in two wars and in peace time, Medal of Honor recipient Col. Wesley Fox defines the six elements of leadership essential to building a successful organization as: care, personality, knowledge, motivation, commitment, and communication. He presents a chapter on each element, telling how his views of leadership were forged and offering examples of leadership displayed by his fellow Marines. Fox contends that these elements apply equally to the military and civilian communities at all levels. In his view, good leaders are concerned with the health, happiness, and daily lives of their followers and enjoy a relationship built on loyalty and trust. His book is certain to inspire and motivate others.

Col. Wesley L. Fox, USMC (Ret.) served in the Marine Corps from 1950 to 1993 and earned the Medal of Honor as commander of a rifle company in Vietnam. A resident of Blacksburg, VA, he also is the author of Marine Rifleman and Courage and Fear, now considered classic war memoirs.

Praise for Six Essential Elements of Leadership

“The real gem of the book is Fox’s reflective and transparent writing style. His experience of four decades is a treasure trove of wisdom that offers a glimpse not only into the author’s character but into the culture of the Marine Corps in a different era. The book is written for a general audience and therefore has wide appeal. The fact that Fox’s career is legendary in the Marine Corps only proves that he has indeed mastered the art of leadership. To put it simply, Colonel Fox is someone from whom we all can learn.”

Naval War College Review

"In what could be considered a top-tier resource for any aspiring leader, retired colonel Wesley L. Fox turns his more than 40 years of military experience into a leadership primer consisting of the most critical attributes that leaders must have to ensure success for themselves and their organizations. A sound understanding of leadership at this level prepares such officers for success at the operational and strategic levels. Because Colonel Fox’s book offers that sound understanding, aspiring leaders should add it to their short list of must-read material.”

Air & Space Power Journal

Six Essential Elements of Leadership: Marine Corps Wisdom of a Medal of Honor Recipient, is an extraordinarily cogent guide to everyone — military or civilian — who seeks to lead others effectively.”

Vietnam, April 2012

“Whether you’re planning to guide your son’s Scout troop into the wilderness, or you are commanding a craggy bunch of gunslingers up against a determined and resourceful enemy, here’s the book on leadership you need to read, internalize, and seek to incorporate. Officers and enlisted personnel will benefit, hugely, from reading Six Essential Elements of Leadership, and take pleasure in learning something of the storied career of Col Fox.”

Leatherneck, December 2011

“This book will inspire and motivate both civilians and members of the military. Six Essential Elements of Leadership is must reading for those aspiring to become effective leaders, be they military or civilian.”

Naval History Book Reviews, December 12, 2011

“Wes Fox—a true hero of our Corps—is respected by all who have the privilege of knowing him. He has spent a lifetime in the study of leadership. From the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam, to the classrooms of Virginia Tech, he more than ‘wrote the book’ on leadership—he lived it!”

—GEN. PETER PACE, USMC (RET.), 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

“One of the great warrior-authors of our time, Col. Fox examines the role of the leader in the most raw of all settings—combat leadership. From his recollections as a 43-year career Marine, the book offers a not-so-subtle treatment on good and bad leadership. A ‘must read’ for those who lead—or aspire to lead—their fellow man.”

—GEN. JAMES T. CONWAY, USMC (RET.), 34th Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps

“For 51 years in uniform, Wes Fox's character, principles, and ethical conduct inspired others to perform their duty courageously. He fought in Korea as a squad leader and was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroic leadership of his rifle company in Vietnam. In this book he skillfully relates his experiences and the examples of fellow Marine leaders to build the roadmap to leadership success.”

—MAJ. GEN. JERRY ALLEN, USAF (RET.), Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets

“There is only one sure formula for success—leadership! Col. Fox is a true leader, and no one is more committed to the subject of leadership. This book should be read, and reread, and passed along to all who care about our great nation and its future.”

—REAR ADM. GREG SLAVONIC, USN (RET.), author of Leadership in Action

“Wes Fox talks the talk in his excellent treatise on leadership. He highlights personal examples, which serve to make the term ‘leadership’ come alive. I highly recommend this book.”

—COL. DICK CAMP, USMC (RET.), Vice President, Museum Operations, Marine Corps Heritage Center

Six Essential Elements of Leadership is must reading for those aspiring to become effective leaders and those who want to understand the high esteem that Wes Fox has richly earned. It is a story of an authentic American patriot who has served his God, country, and Corps with honor and distinction for forty-three years. His tale provides a roadmap for those who want to excel and succeed.”

—COL. TIM GERAGHTY, USMC (RET.), author of Peacekeepers at War

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