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<a href="/store/books/ebook-editions/hands-fate">IN THE HANDS OF FATE</a>

by Dwight R. Messimer

Patrol Wing Ten was the only U.S. Navy aviation unit to fight the Japanese in the early weeks of World War II, and the daring exploits of its PBY...

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<a href="/store/books/battle-midway/midway">MIDWAY</a>

by Mitsuo Fuchida and Masatake Okumiya

Also Availble as an Audio Edition from Audible via Amazon The Battle of Midway is widely regarded as the most improtant battle of World War II in the...

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<a href="/store/books/history/neither-sharks-nor-wolves">NEITHER SHARKS NOR WOLVES</a>

by Timothy Mulligan

Now available in paperback, Mulligan's book is considered a classic of WWII histories because it was the first to try to explain what motivated...

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<a href="/store/books/history/overdue-and-presumed-lost">OVERDUE AND PRESUMED LOST</a>

by Martin Sheridan

The USS Bullhead was the last American naval vessel lost in World War II. This history of the submarine—from launch to disappearance—is...

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<a href="/store/books/fall-2016-catalog/royal-navy-officers-jutland-pocket-manual-1916">ROYAL NAVY OFFICER&#039;S JUTLAND POCKET-MANUAL 1916</a>

by W. M. James

Published months before the Battle of Jutland, W. M. James’ book was originally published as New Battleship Organisations. It was considered...

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<a href="/store/forthcoming/first-south-pacific-campaign">THE FIRST SOUTH PACIFIC CAMPAIGN</a>

by John B. Lundstrom

On May 7 and 8, 1942, fast carrier task forces from the United States and Imperial Japanese navies met in combat for the first time in the Battle of...

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<a href="/store/books/civil-war/under-two-flags">UNDER TWO FLAGS</a>

by William M. Fowler Jr.

Vividly written and well researched by a noted historian of the period, this succinct history credits the Union Navy as an essential element in the...

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<a href="/store/books/history/uss-olympia">USS OLYMPIA</a>

by Benjamin Franklin Cooling

The USS Olympia is the oldest extant steel-hulled warship in the world. Constructed as part of a congressionally mandated program to build a modern...

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<a href="/store/books/audio-books/utmost-savagery">UTMOST SAVAGERY</a>

by Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, U.S. Marine Corps

Also Available as an Audio Edition from Audible via Amazon Marine combat veteran and award-winning military historian Joseph Alexander takes a fresh...

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<a href="/store/books/clear-decks-50-90/devil-dogs">DEVIL DOGS</a>

by George B. Clark

In telling the story of the extraordinary contributions of the U.S. Marines in World War I, this now-classic history examines the Corps’ entire...

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<a href="/store/books/2015-mcmullen-naval-history-symposium-participants/grace-hopper">GRACE HOPPER</a>

by Kathleen Broome Williams

When Grace Hopper retired as a rear admiral from the U.S. Navy in 1986, she was the first woman restricted line officer to reach flag rank and, at...

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<a href="/store/books/recently-published/no-higher-honor">NO HIGHER HONOR</a>

by Bradley Peniston

A Select Book on the CNO's Professional Reading Program as a "Title of Interest" Like its World War II namesake of Leyte Gulf fame, USS...

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<a href="/store/books/history/operation-drumbeat">OPERATION DRUMBEAT</a>

by Michael Gannon

In the first eight months of 1942, German submarines sank nearly 400 Allied freighters and tankers along the U.S. Atlantic coast with a loss of more...

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<a href="/store/books/history/phase-line-green">PHASE LINE GREEN</a>

by Nicholas Warr

The bloody, month-long battle for the Citadel in Hue during 1968 pitted U.S. Marines against an entrenched, numerically superior North Vietnamese...

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<a href="/store/books/forthcoming-titles/shot-sky">SHOT FROM THE SKY</a>

by Cathryn J. Prince

"Ms. Prince's study ... is proof that atrocities will happen whenever one individual is given unchecked power over another." —...

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