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Navy SEALs and the Winning of al-Anbar
  • ISBN/SKU: 9781591141471
  • Binding: Paperback & eBook
  • Era: Iraq War
  • Number of Pages: 288
  • Subject:
  • Date Available: September 2010
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Full Description:
In this ground-breaking book, best-selling author and former U.S. Navy SEAL Dick Couch reports on the actions of the SEAL Task Unit during the Battle of Ramadi in Iraq's al-Anbar Province between 2005 and 2007. When he began his research, the author thought he would be writing about the SEALs' courage in the face of a losing cause. Instead, he discovered a startling success story whose importance has gone unrecognized in the war against al-Qaeda. Couch argues that the lessons of Ramadi, with SEALs fighting alongside regular forces in an urban war zone, call for using this strategy more widely.
One of the most significant military engagements in the global war against terrorism since 9/11 and the most sustained and vicious engagement ever fought by SEALs, the Battle of Ramadi demonstrates both their code of brotherhood and ability to adapt in an urban battle space, which Couch identifies as the keys to the SEALs' success on the battlefield. The story of PO2 Michael Monsoor, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery during the battle, is a compelling example of their extraordinary brotherhood. First published in hardcover in 2008, the book is now available in paperback for the first time.
Dick Couch, a 1967 graduate of the Naval Academy, served with the Navy Underwater Demolition and SEAL Teams. While a platoon leader with SEAL Team One, he led one of the only successful POW rescue operations of the Vietnam War.  Later, he served as a Maritime Operations Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency. A resident of Ketchum, ID, he is the award-winning author of dozens of books, including Chosen Soldier and A Tactical Ethic, and is a regular TV and radio news analyst.
He is also a novelist, having written Seal Team One and co-authored, with Naval Institute Press author George Galdorisi, the New York Times best seller, Tom Clancy Presents: Act of Valor, the novelization of the Bandito Brothers/Relativity Media film starring U.S. Navy SEALs, and Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Out of the Ashes which will be published in May 2014.



Praise for Sheriff of Ramadi

"There remains a long road ahead in Iraq; there will be continuing challenges and our work is not done. And yet it is beyond doubt that the gallant soldiers, Marines, and SEALs who have fought there deserve to look back on their efforts with a great sense of professional pride and accomplishment. Increasingly, the American public has come to understand that something important began to change in Iraq in late 2006 and throughout 2007. Thanks to the careful research and insightful analysis of Dick Couch, we now have a much deeper understanding of a pivotal battle that began the process of expelling al-Qaeda from its strongholds." — Senator John McCain in his Foreword for The Sheriff of Ramadi 

"I had never worked with warriors of such high caliber.  I think that opinion was shared at all echelons, from colonel to private.  My soldiers and junior leaders came to respect the Big Tough Frogmen and would do anything for them.  The losses that the SEALs suffered in Ramadi cemented that relationship in my mind.  Anyone who shed blood, sweat, and tears in Ramadi with us will always be a part of our band of brothers." — COL Sean MacFarland, Commander, 1st BCT, 1st AD

"The Sheriff of Ramadi is an important work, a good read by an excellent and combat experienced author .. The lessons learned in Ramadi are worthy of study by soldiers, sailors, Marines, politicians and the general public alike."  —Vice Adm. Robert F. Dunn, USN (Ret.), President of the Naval Historical Foundation 

Dick Couch is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and served with the Navy Underwater Demolition and SEAL Teams in Vietnam. He is the author of twelve other books, including The Warrior Elite, Chosen Soldier and SEAL Team One. A resident of Ketchum, ID he is a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. He has lectured the Air Force Academy, the Naval Special Warfare Center, the JFK Special Forces Center and School, the FBI Academy, the Naval Postgraduate School, The Joint Special Operations University and The Academy Leadership Forum. Recently he served as adjunct professor of Ethics at the U.S. Naval Academy.

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