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The Marines, Justice, and the Haditha Incident
  • ISBN/SKU: 978-1-61251-469-7
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Era:
  • Number of Pages: 304
  • Subject: Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Date Available: January 2016
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No Time for Truth is the first book to investigate the “Haditha Massacre,” the controversial killing of twenty four unarmed Iraqi civilians in November 2005 and the subsequent prosecution of eight Marines charged with violating the rules of combat. Unraveled by the authors, this complex tragedy of the Iraq War compellingly illustrates the bitter observation by Aeschylus that “in war, truth is the first casualty.”

After the explosion of an IED killed one Marine and wounded two others, the counter-attack against at least nine insurgents hiding in the village of Haditha resulted in the deaths of innocent Iraqis. Killed in the firefight were an elderly man and ten helpless women and children. Ignited by an expose in TIME magazine, the reports of the killings exploded around the world in headline news reports citing murder and cover-up. Responding to Iraqi claims that the victims were randomly slaughtered by rampaging Marines bent on revenge, the Marines countered that the insurgents had intentionally endangered the innocent civilians. Fueled by international and American condemnation of the killings and aided by the military’s botched response to the news stories, the Pentagon and the Marine Corps attempted to court martial four officers and four enlisted Marines for their roles in the incident.

Slowly at first and then with greater rapidity, the government's case began to fall apart. One after another the alleged perpetrators walked away without sanction until only one of the participants was convicted of anything, and he agreed to submit a guilty plea to a misdemeanor and an honorable discharge.

The Haditha incident triggered a divisive and highly publicized trial that left many questions unanswered about military justice and cast doubt on the honor of the tradition-bound United States Marines Corps. No Time for Truth makes it clear that the final cost of this incident is still to be revealed.

Nathaniel Helms has been a soldier, police officer, newspaper reporter, combat correspondent, and teacher; and is an author as well. Currently, Helms plays fiddle and raises tropical fish in St Charles, MO while continuing to write.           

After 19 years as a Marine Corps infantryman and officer Haytham Faraj waged his most intense battle as a lawyer in a court-room defending a Marine accused of war crimes. Faraj spends his free time taking on endurance challenges. He competes in Ironman triathlons, marathons, and ultra distance bicycle races.          



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