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Now available in paperback, Mulligan's book is considered a classic of WWII histories because it was the first to try to explain what motivated the officers and men of Germany's U-Boats to fight, but also what motivated them to continue to take their vessels to sea after 1943, when the loss rate in combat grew to an incredible level and each new mission grew increasingly suicidal.

Timothy Mulligan was an archivist at the National Archives, specializing in captured German and U.S. military and naval records. He is the author of Lone Wolf: The Life and Death of U-Boat Ace Werner Henke and lives in Lanham, MD.


Praise for Neither Sharks Nor Wolves

“The men of the U-boat arm, he convincingly argues, were in fact neither the sharks or wolves of media and popular fame but men of their time caught up in complex historical and social times.” —Michael L. Hadley, author of Count Not for the Dead

“Joining original scholarship, enlightened synthesis, and lucid presentation, Mulligan replaces fiction with facts, ignorance with knowledge, and myths with historical truth as he brings back to life the everyday world of Germany’s submariners in World War II. A landmark work for decades to come.”—Eric C. Rust, author of Naval Officers under Hitler

“Mulligan drops readers in the midst of the men who comprised the weapon that Winston Churchill feared the most. Finally we can appreciate their aspirations, experience their anxieties, and share their successes.” —Jak P. Mallman Showell, author of U-Boats under the Swastika.

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