Lost on the Ocean Floor

Diving the World's Ghost Ships
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Published:November 15, 2004
By John Christopher Fine (Author)

Award-winning photojournalist-scuba diver John C. Fine has explored and documented the sunken fleets of the world—from Scapa Flow to Truk Lagoon—for most of his adult life, and the best of his discoveries are brought to life in this book. With his own haunting photographs to help him, Fine describes the sunken ships and the stories behind them, relating the circumstances of losing, and in some cases salvaging and preserving, ships dating from early Roman colonialization to modern times. It is a book that captures the drama of discovery and backs up the adventure with historical, scientific, and archaeological facts. Where possible, eyewitness accounts to the sinkings are included along with the folklore associated with some of the great salvage attempts and occasional accounts by people who have found great treasure on shipwrecks. The result of years of research and underwater exploration and filming, the book will capture the imagination of everyone with an interest in maritime history and armchair adventurers who dream of sunken warships and treasure-laden galleons long lost on the ocean floor.

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  • Subject: Naval History
  • Hardback : 280 pages
  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (November 15, 2004)
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John Christopher Fine is a marine biologist and expert in marine and maritime affiars, and an attorney consultant to the government and police on organized crime, political corruption, and anti-terrorism matters.

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