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A Handbook for the Armed Forces, Emergency Services and First Responders
  • ISBN/SKU: 9781591148326
  • Binding: Paperback & eBook
  • Era:
  • Number of Pages: 416
  • Subject: Leadership
  • Date Available: October 2011
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Offering the wisdom of practitioners from the military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, as well as prominent scholars this guide integrates theory and research with practical experience to help the reader prepare for the unique psychological, social, and physical challenges of leading in dangerous contexts. Whether a young soldier preparing for war, seasoned combat commander, SWAT team leader, EMT supervisor, law enforcement patrol unit leader, or fire department lieutenant, those involved in life-and-death situations face common challenges, and the authors draw on their own experiences and that of others to help first responders effectively function in dangerous environments.

Published in cooperation with the Association of the United States Army

Col. Patrick J. Sweeney, a former battalion commander in the 101st Airborne, directs the Eisenhower Leader Development Program at West Point. Michael D. Matthews, a former law enforcement officer, is currently Professor of Engineering Psychology at West Point and past president of the American Psychological Association's Society for Military Psychology. Capt. Paul B. Lester is a research psychologist in the Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness directorate and a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Advance Praise for Leadership in Dangerous Situations

“When dangerous situations require immediate action, there is a critical need for decisive leaders who have the strength of character and unwavering determination to choose the right path. The real leadership challenge will be to not only understand the concepts of this book but to move them into action.”

—CHARLIE BECK, Chief of Police, Los Angeles Police Department

“This handbook is a must-read for leaders on the line, the men and women who lead and serve others in dangerous situations that involve the risk of death or serious injury…Leaders who draw upon this resource will transform the people and the organizations they lead to produce amazing acts of courage and perform great service to the communities and the nation they serve.”

—BRIG. GENERAL HOWARD T. PRINCE II, USA (RET.), Director, Center for Ethical Leadership, University of Texas at Austin

Leadership in Dangerous Situations represents an important contribution to the social sciences and to our understanding of human nature, resilience and leadership in extreme situations. This book covers timely and important topics that will be of interest to military, first-responders, firefighters, and emergency workers who confront danger and leads others into dangerous situations…The book will have an international appeal and is highly recommended.”

—JARLE EID, Dean and Professor, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen, Norway

“I am convinced that this book will be valuable to leaders at all levels, but especially young, junior, and less experienced leaders. No matter where they start on the spectrum of leader quality, everyone who reads this book, and integrates the knowledge and actions on the ‘key takeaways’ into the daily fabric of life, will be a better leader when it really, really matters.”

—BRIG. GENERAL RHONDA CORNUM, USA, author of She Went to War: The Rhonda Cornum Story

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