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The Case for Strategic Communication
  • ISBN/SKU: 9781612510477
  • Binding: Hardcover & eBook
  • Era:
  • Number of Pages: 152
  • Subject: Communications
  • Date Available: December 2011
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Full Description:

A primer on the art and science of strategic communication, this book offers a solid foundation of communication strategies that is both practical and theoretical. Like no other book, the manual provides practical advice on the tactics, techniques, and procedures necessary for successful media relations, campaign planning, crisis communication, and strategic communications planning. It takes a compelling look at how communication processes can be made to function more efficiently and with greater effectiveness, whether conducted by governments, organizations, or military units. The author points to such influencing factors as new technologies that flatten communication hierarchies, social media platforms that empower amateurs, generational divides, and the ebbing trust in mainstream media news. She also warns that a coarsening of public discourse contributes to the difficulty of communicating and results in a toxic information environment. 

Mari K. Eder is a communications professional with more than thirty years of communication experience in the U.S. Army.


"Mari Eder tackles [a] complex idea, offering the reader a strategic communications primer, albeit through a decidedly military perspective. Her years of service in various Army public affairs roles and depth of experience in the joint environment shine through as she discusses ways that military communication has worked and can improve, as well as military leaders’ opportunities to take advantage of effective communication...Eder includes a number of complex concepts regarding strategic communications, succinctly describing many ideas and backing them up with good analysis...Overall, the noncommunication professional should find Leading the Narrative well worth exploring."

Air and Space Power Journal

“While written primarily for a military audience this excellent little book is just as relevant to the wider world of commerce and beyond. Leaders of organizations operating within other parts of the maritime industry should study this fine book. The advice it contains will be very valuable to them.”


“If you are a public affairs officer (PAO), information operations officer, a commander at battalion and higher, or a professional communicator, Leading the Narrative is worth the time to read and refer to often….Eder’s discussion of strategic communication, an often ill-definted, overused expression that few understand and fewer know how to implement, is the best I have seen to date. She discusses the uses of new technology, social media, and trends in public opinion and weaves together a mosaic for both the professional and the layperson to grasp.”

Military Review, January-February 2013

“A worthwhile read for communication professionals, especially those who are in uniform or involved with military public affairs.”

Communication World, May/June 2012

“A compelling look at how all communication processes can be made to function more efficiently and with greater effectiveness The Strategy of Communication is a primer on the art and science of strategic communication. This book covers the foundation of communications strategies as well as solid tactics, techniques, and procedures for media relations, campaign planning, crisis communication and strategic communications planning. It is both a philosophy of communication and a solid practical reference manual. Like no other book on public relations, public diplomacy, or media operations and community outreach, it offers a compelling look at how all communication processes can be made to function more efficiently and with greater effectiveness. The ties are those of intention and purpose, both leading to meaningful and purpose-driven communication efforts, whether conducted by governments, organizations, or military units.”

–Military Officer, April 2012

“Chock full of information about, sound argument for, and a path to successful strategic communication. A must read for military commanders at every level of command. Mari K. Eder also provides information about modern communications media that is of great value to any organization, whether government or corporate.”

—ROBERT KENNEDY, professor of international affairs, Georgia Tech, former director of the G. C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, and author of The Road to War: Congress' Historic Abdication of Responsibility

“Eder's comprehensive examination of the evolution and nature of strategic communication in the U.S. government is exceptional. She explores with experienced insight the real challenges to executing communications in support of strategy and the essential breaking down of existing stovepipes to ‘compel a culture of cooperation’ among public information activities. She does not sugarcoat the significant obstacles that exist in producing effective mechanisms for consensus and integration—but she is clear on our need to successfully reach that objective. This is a timely and valuable work to drive a thoughtful re-examination of how we communicate as a government.”

—BRIAN P. CULLIN, former assistant White House press secretary and director at the National Security Press Office under President Bill Clinton

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