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A Memoir of Politics and Public Service
  • ISBN/SKU: 9781591145370
  • Binding: Hardcover & eBook
  • Era: 20th Century
  • Number of Pages: 256
  • Subject: Autobiography
  • Date Available: July 2011
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Full Description:

After a highly successful career in investment banking, J. William Middendorf became a leader of Senator Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee, and then served in a series of challenging public service appointments: Ambassador to The Netherlands, Secretary of the Navy, Ambassador to the Organization of American States, and Ambassador to the European Community. His lively and revealing memoir is filled with behind-the-scenes tales of critical events of the Cold War and offers valuable insights for anyone contemplating a career in government service.

Writing with the authority of someone who was there in key government positions, Middendorf tells how the Navy won narrow but vital victories on such important programs as the Aegis missile system and the Trident submarine.

J. William Middendorf II served in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations. He is a board member of the Heritage Foundation, chairs the Defense Forum Foundation and the Committee for Monetary Research and Education. A Rhode Island resident, he is author of Goldwater campaign memoir, A Glorious Disaster.

Praise for Potomac Fever

“…Anyone interested in national and international politics will enjoy every word of [the book].”

Naval History Book Reviews, Naval Historical Foundation

“Middendorf had a habit of being around when big things were happening and he brings an amusing, self-depreciating and quirky perspective on the things he has done and that were done to him.

His account of the Goldwater campaign is candid and surprisingly relevant to the 2012 presidential election. It is well worth reading by anyone who wants to learn the right — and wrong — way to campaign against an incumbent, especially when dealing with a hostile press.

Add in Middendorf’s cheerful optimism and good, solid advice for anyone serving in the public sector. The result is a book that is amusing and absorbing. Potomac Fever is a captivating and a worthwhile read.”

Galveston Daily News, August 28, 2011

“…Anyone interested in national and international politics will enjoy every word of it. “

Naval History Book Reviews, August 23, 2011

“Middendorf’s memoir is an excellent read for those wanting to understand a perspective of how to manage and lead within the federal bureaucracy; it is a memoir not only on developing policy, but rendering it into the practical.”

DCMilitary.com, August 4, 2011

“I have great respect for Bill Middendorf. He was always constructively involved in the political world, and he is a good friend. For those who believe in public service, Bill Middendorf's memoir should be a must read.”

—George Bush, 41st President of the United States

“In this fascinating biography, Bill Middendorf confirms his bona fides as a modern ‘Renaissance Man’ in the classical sense. Intellectually keen and physically robust, he aggressively pursued a hyperactive lifestyle among his circle of influential friends, for a significant career of political and historical importance. With a patriotic dedication to serve his country, he has served it well—as a politician and statesman, and in uniform as a naval officer in the Pacific War. Fortunately for us, one of his obvious talents is his skill as a writer, and he has done a lot to write about. His description of growing up is delightful, rivaling the best of J. D. Salinger. And his account of the final chaotic months of World War II in the Pacific is among the most exciting and revealing commentaries on that era. This is a special book that fills an important gap in our history. Middendorf has done well in capturing the intensity of the American scene during the fateful years of World War II and the Cold War.”

—Adm. James L. Holloway III, USN (Ret.), Chief of Naval Operations, 1974–1978

“Bill Middendorf is an inspired leader and full-time participant in the public policy process here in Washington. Bill never gives up and his memoir, Potomac Fever, is a wonderful introduction to his lifetime of service to our nation.”

—Edwin J. Feulner, President, The Heritage Foundation

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